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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %RESIST HYPOTHESIS REALITY DOMINATION SYSTEM POWERS+020830 %COLLUSIVE GAMES MUTUAL SELF OTHER DECEPTION DEVIL+020830 %CHILD PARENT ADULT TRANSACTION THOU EVIL RELATION+020830 %PATHOLOGICAL MENTAL ILLNESS DISEASE SCHOLAR BIAS+020830 %PREJUDICE DUE PROCESS JUDGEMENT JUSTICE FAIRNESS+020830 %SAFELY VULNERABLE SANCTUARY GIFTS CIVILITY GODS 020830 For what reason are we likely to resist accepting the hypothesis that "The Domination System", its domineering supporters, their collusive games of mutual self deception and "The Powers That Be" --- play significant roles in our personal lives and communities? Consider the following possibilities: 1. It is very difficult for us to accept the notion that our parents, guardians, and members of our extended families may be so embedded in evil-relationships and/or are themselves so totally alienated-dishonest- dysfunctional --- that it would be difficult for us to avoid perceiving them as pathologically "evil" --- were we to be honest with ourselves and others. 2. It is likewise difficult to accept the notion that we ourselves may be so totally alienated-dishonest- dysfunctional --- that we cannot be honest with ourselves and others --- and so that we cannot let ourselves see how embedded we ourselves are in "The Domination System", etc. 3. To the extent that we are well trained in scholarly, scientific, philosophical, theological and/or related systematic paradigms and patterns of professional work --- we will find it difficult to take seriously the central features of any hypothesis which asks us to consider the possibility that "The Domination System", "The Powers That Be", and "Collusive Games of Mutual Self Deception" are in any meaningful sense "real". The hypothesis will seem systemically-biased, prejudiced, begging-the-questions, methodologically-flawed, etc. 4. To the extent that we are dependent-upon and vulnerable-to domineering-people-in-power (teachers, professors, mentors, employers, religious-leaders, sexual partners, etc.) --- we may be paralyzed by fear that they might find out that we were giving the above proposed hypothesis some serious consideration --- and ostracize us into the realm of non-being. 5. To the extent that we have internalized the tacit and unspeakable rules of extant collusive games of mutual self deception --- including the rules about self- criticism, self-abnegation, self-punishment, self- guilting, self-shaming, etc. --- we will be unable to consciously consider the hypothesis --- because it will be taboo for us to even understand the assumptions and propositions which might be negated/shown-false through a careful consideration of them. 6. Anyone who is truly capable of truly loving a domineering supporter of "The Domination System" --- will be a major threat to the apparent "integrity" of the domineering person --- and so terrifyingly attractive as well as terrifyingly repulsive and taboo --- setting up within the domineering person an unresolvable internal conflict which cannot be resolved with integrity in keeping with the dishonest ways of the life/death of the domineering person; e.g., ways which require the use of self-coercion, self-violence, self-dishonesty, self- secrecy, etc. The true lover is likely to be blamed for that internal conflict within the domineering person. It is risky to be a true lover of a domineering people! It is also risky to join domineering people as a participant in their violent contests for dominance and control. 7. Consideration of the proposed hypothesis entails the necessity of becoming involved in reflexive- relationships; i.e., personal-intimate-relationships in which the participants REFLECT HONESTLY UPON THEMSELVES AND EACH OTHER AS UNIQUE OTHERS --- AS PERCEIVED BY OTHERS AND BY THEMSELVES. But doing that is tacitly, utterly and ultimately forbidden. Such honesty would shatter the brittle structure of "The Domination System" which depends upon dishonesty to maintain its appearances of being worthy of great respect, trust, support. The System demands the sacrifice of all personal and communal integrities --- in order to maintain a false appearance of integrity. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================