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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %PERSONIFICATION PATTERNS ESSENTIAL FOUNDATIONS GOD+020830 %EFFECTIVE COPING STRATEGY IDEALS VALUES ASSUMPTION+020830 %ATTITUDES EXPRESS ABSTRACT MYTHOLOGY MYSTIC ROLES+020830 %MODELS INCARNATIONS STORIES PARABLES NOVELS VISION+020830 %CONCEPTIONS DOCTRINES DOGMA RULES LAWS COMMANDMENT+020830 %SATAN DEVIL LUCIFER TEMPTER LAWYER ATTORNEY JUDGE 020830 Humans often cope through the PERSONIFICATION of PATTERNS of whatever they perceived to be the ESSENTIAL FOUNDATIONS for maintaining their "integrities". PERSONIFICATION may be regarded as an effective coping strategy for dealing with ideals, values, assumptions, attitudes, etc. which may otherwise be expressed abstractly, mythologically, mystically, or in some "equivalent" way. Examples, exemplars, role-models, stories, parables, novels, music, songs, dance, etc. may play parallel roles in these regards. Humans often PERSONIFY their conceptions of the ideal humane-person; and their conceptions of the extreme opposite of the ideal humane-person; e.g., on the one hand good-angels, and on the other hand evil-angels such as: Satan, Lucifer or The Devil. Such PERSONIFICATIONS are real TO US only to the extent that for us the PERSONIFICATIONS well represent (or present) the conceptions which they stand for; i.e., to the extent that the PERSONIFICATIONS demonstrate some form of "integrity" and "coherence" with their represented reality --- including when they represent "demons" and "evil" in their various misleading/dishonest/concealed forms. Individuals are not originally "evil" in any essential way, even though individuals are often not "perfect" in any conformal way. God's creations are good. Individuals are born as unique persons with many diverse potentials --- not as robots of some standard and perfectly programed FORM --- which is predestined to perFORM certain FORMalities in FORMal ways which conFORM to an ideal FORM which resides in the realm of IDEAL FORMS. Individuals may be born into and/or become embedded in RELATIONSHIPS which are characterized by: dishonesty, deception, false-appearances, domination, coercion, FORMalities, conFORMities, FORMulas, controls, collusions, addictions, codependencies, selfishness, greed, fear, anxiety, concealments, narcissism, autism, etc. Such relationships are EVIL to the extent that the RELATIONSHIPS are dominated in systemic ways by the above indicated characteristics within a fabric of TIGHTLY WOVEN dishonest threads. EVIL RELATIONSHIPS lead people into isolation, alienation, estrangement and excommunications. INDIVIDUALS who are wrapped up in such a completely dishonest fabric --- often become PERSONIFICATIONS of the EVIL RELATIONSHIPS/CHARACTERISTICS within which they find that they must learn/devise how to respond to and cope with the challenges of life --- including the challenge of how to survive in some sense which makes sense to them as they are, within the confusing chaos around them. Often such challenged people respond in ways which blur the boundaries between themselves and other individuals; and between themselves AS-INDIVIDUALS. Their responses blur their perceptions of the natures of the RELATIONSHIPS within which they find themselves. Confusion, dishonesty and ignorance dominate both such RELATIONSHIPS and the INDIVIDUALS embedded in the RELATIONSHIPS. Personal and communal integrities are sacrificed --- to go through the motions of appearing "acceptable" and "good" in keeping with the demands of "the system". Often in the above confusion --- the confused INDIVIDUALS label "different" people as INHERENTLY-EVIL- INDIVIDUALS who must be dominated, controlled, or destroyed --- in order to protect what is "good". INDIVIDUALS who are embedded in EVIL RELATIONSHIPS tend to: judge, blame, shame, guilt, condemn, reject, ostracize, excommunicate and destroy each other --- thereby increasing their levels of alienation, estrangement, confusion, ignorance, etc. They often think that they are thereby working to eliminate and/or destroy EVIL. They are so confused, mis-inFORMed, un-inFORMed, ill-at-ease and dis-eased --- that they augment EVIL when they try to overcome/destroy EVIL. They are the victims of the dis-eases and being-ill-at-ease which EVIL RELATIONSHIPS engender --- AND SO ARE THE GENERATORS OF SUCH DIS-EASE. They try to save themselves at others' expense, but that is impossible for them to do; so they fail no matter how much they sacrifice in their efforts to achieve security just for themselves --- without any justice or concern for the victims of their efforts. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================