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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %DIFFICULT POINT DESCRIBE DEFINE DOMINATION SYSTEM+020704 %NOT OBJECTIVE REALITY REFLEXIVE FAITH HOPE LOVE+020704 %APPEARANCE REFLECT SELF OTHER NATURE CREATIONS+020704 %INTERDEPENDENT PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITIES LAW+020704 %I-THOU IT-IT SON OF MAN THE HUMANE ONE GODLY GOOD+020704 %POWERS THAT BE COLLUSIVE ADDICTIVE CODEPENDENT GOD 020704 It is difficult to point to, describe or define "The Domination System" for a variety of different reasons: "The Domination System" is NOT an OBJECTIVE reality, like a: rock, hill, mountain, valley, river or lake is an OBJECTIVE reality. "The Domination System" is a REFLEXIVE reality, as are: Faith, Hope or Love; which appear to us as they do, as much because of how we approach and receive them, as because of what is real entirely apart from us. "The Domination System" and we inter-relate with each other REFLEXIVELY; as we relate to & REFLECT upon each other. "The Domination System", its nature, and our natures --- are essentially interdependent; as we engender, conceive and disintegrate each other. "The Domination System" depends upon how we view IT from within our diverse I-IT RELATIONSHIPS and within our I-THOU RELATIONSHIPS; with an un-avoidable minimum level of uncertainty --- as described by Heisenberg in regards to position/momentum, time/energy, and other mutually complementary discernible realities --- within our objective and reflexive realms of knowledge. "The Domination system" is DEDICATED to CONCEALING its own nature and our best natures and modes of being. "The Domination System" may be viewed from many different perspectives; and appear different to us, depending upon the perspectives from which we each view IT. "The Domination System" is a SYSTEMIC CONSPIRACY among "The Powers That Be" --- to JUSTIFY EVIL RELATIONSHIPS --- in ways which denigrate Love and all of Love's reconciling/healing works. "The Domination System" works to make itself appear to be on the side of "Good" fighting against "Evil", in an apparently "Just War" against the "Powers of Love" that "Appear to Be of the Devil". "The Domination System" presents itself as worthy of ULTIMATE concern, honor, support and sacrifice; demanding the sacrifice of: personal integrities, communal integrities, openness, honesty, friendships, and healthy intimacy. "The Domination System" demands that its ways NOT be exposed to public view, honest analysis, or any profound criticism. "The Domination System" is ULTIMATELY CONCERNED with issues of control, dominance and how best to concentrate power in concealed ways. "The Domination System" cannot afford to tolerate: Love, openness, honesty, intimacy, friendships, paradoxical-truths, diversity, liberty, freedom, visions, imagination, peacemaking, humane- initiatives or humane-creativity. "The Domination System" demands that its most faithful supporters be "in charge", "in control", and above suspicion and criticism --- so long as they remain unquestionably and thoughtlessly faithful; so we must all be faithful blind supporters. God must help us to do our duty without fail! If He does not do Our Will our Cosmos will fall and Our "Integrity" will be exposed! We must insure that that does not occur! We must protect OUR SYSTEM against the attacks of Love, Power, Justice, Truth, Hope, and Lovers in Love! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================