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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %DIFFERENT FACTORS CONCLUSIONS PERSPECTIVES ACTIONS+020320 %DECISIONS PHYSICS MEASUREMENT COMPUTATION ERRORS+020320 %ESTIMATES PROBABILITY QUANTITY PROCEDURE RESEARCH+020320 %CLARIFY MANAGE HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS INTIMACY SEXUAL+020320 %HONESTY COLLUSIVE GAMES MUTUAL SELF DECEPTION FALL+020320 %VISIONS DREAMS DESIRES CONFLICTS PEACEMAKING DEVIL 020320 Many different "factors" lead many different people to come to many DIFFERENT "conclusions", "perspectives" "decisions" and "actions". In the realm of physics, research physicists all over the world often agree upon the specific set of procedures and measurements which are essential to an eventual computation of some useful "quantity" such as: 1. The speed of light 2. The charge on an electron or proton 3. The mass of an electron or proton 4. The angular momentum of a particular particle. 5. The least vibratory energy of a molecule. 6. The energy of a photon of a given wavelength. 7. How kinetic energy and wavelength are related. 8. The force of attraction between two masses. 9. The maximum mass of a main sequence star. 10. The minimum mass of a main sequence star. Physicists all over the world often also agree upon how to determine which of the essential measurements through INACCURACY contribute the most to the INACCURACY of the final computation of the quantity upon which the effort is focused. The physicists all over the world articulate and AGREE UPON the particular ways in which many different measurement "factors" lead many different physicists to come to essentially the SAME "conclusions", "perspectives", "decisions" and "actions". In the realm of understanding and managing human relationships --- "things" are different than in the realm of physics research. In the realm of understanding and managing HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS --- many DIFFERENT "factors" lead many DIFFERENT people to come to many DIFFERENT "conclusions", "perspectives", "decisions" and "actions". It will be helpful for us to seek to articulate and agree upon how the various kinds of differences inter-play with each other to lead different people to engage in protracted: contentions, contentiousness, attempts to dominate each other, attempts to correct and/or control each other, disagreements, conflicts, wars, boundary disputes, boundary-drawings, attacks, revenge, etc. It will be helpful for us to seek to articulate and agree upon how the various kinds of factors contribute to differences and overall uncertainties regarding how to: 1. Helpfully draw and enforce boundaries of various kinds; for various kinds of reasons. 2. Understand each other person's perspectives on various kinds of: situations, issues, conflicts, values, ideals, mistakes, errors, misfortunes, dilemmas, tragedies, etc. 3. Clarify how and why groups of people contend with each other contentiously; rather than work with each other cooperatively for the benefit of all who are involved within "Spaceship Earth" --- from which only a tiny fraction can "escape". 4. Clarify, articulate and understand the many factors which lead to apparently contradictory conclusions and/or uncertainties --- regarding the reliabilities of the various conclusions which are reached; and then work cooperatively to "mitigate" those factors. 5. Clarify and agree upon what questions and issues are essentially unanswerable and/or unresolvable. 6. Clarify and agree upon what envisioned goals and desired "achievements" are "in the nature of things" utterly impossible --- because to achieve them would entail changing the essential nature of our universe and so change the "ways that things happen" --- as described by the utterly reliable laws of physics which have been found to "hold" in all times and places about which we can be clearly informed. To do so would be --- to be God the creator of the whole cosmos. To attempt to do so would be heresy and disintegrative of all personal and communal integrities of all different kinds. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================