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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %LOGIC DOMINATION SYSTEM CONTROL RULE CHARGE SIN+010108 %PROPER PROPRIETY MAINTAIN INTEGRITY DOING DUTY+010108 %CONCENTRATION POWER CORRUPTION DISINTEGRATION END+010108 %REVELATION PRAYER VISION DREAMS DESIRE SEXUAL GOD+010108 %COLLUSION DISHONESTY CONFUSION ADDICTION SUPPORTS+010108 %RESPECTABLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH DOCTRINE RITUALS 010108 Within a "Domination System" ALL must be under control; else those those who are "in charge" of the "Domination System" are not "properly" "maintaining" the "integrity" of the "Domination System"; not "doing" what is "their duty". Within a "Domination System" ALL includes all: PEOPLE DESIRES HOPES PLEASURES EXPECTATIONS DREAMS VISIONS FANTASIES INTIMACIES FRIENDSHIPS RELATIONSHIPS SEXUALITIES THOUGHTS PERCEPTIONS EXPERIENCES RESPONSES RESPONSIBILITIES CRITICISMS CRITERIA RULES LAWS HORMONES BREATHING HEARTS PHYSIOLOGIES METABOLISMS INSTINCTS INTUITIONS INSIGHTS EMOTIONS FEELINGS SENSATIONS AFFECTIONS PRESCRIPTIONS PROSCRIPTIONS TABOOS COMMANDMENTS JUDGEMENTS LEGISLATIONS PRAYERS REQUESTS ASKINGS GIFTS SHARING ACCEPTANCES REJECTIONS INCLUSIONS EXCLUSIONS EXCEPTIONS MEMBERSHIPS FAILURES INTEGRITIES LOYALTIES UNITIES INTEGRATIONS FAITHFULNESS FAITH BELIEFS TRUTHS ABSOLUTES SPIRITS ANGELS PRINCIPALITIES POWERS COALITIONS VOTES IMPRESSIONS APPEARANCES REPUTATIONS REFUTATIONS AGREEMENTS COOPERATIONS "Domination Systems" are brittle, prone to crack, to fall apart, to "break-up". Ours must be ALWAYS protected against ALL threats. Any of the above pointed-to-realities which are not ABSOLUTELY and ULTIMATELY dedicated to the protection of "The Domination System" which WE are PROTECTING, is by virtue of that fact, a THREAT to "Our Domination System". Such treats are all EVIL. WE are duty bound to oppose them WITHOUT FURTHER THOUGHT. There can be NO MIDDLE GROUND. There can be NO THIRD WAY in any imaginations, dreams, visions, desires, hopes, or expectations of anyone; singly or collectively, communally. Beware! Impressions, appearances and reputations are central in maintaining "Our Domination System". Real honesty, integrity, coherence and cooperation are not important. Dis-honesty, dis-integration, in-coherence and contentiousness are legitimate tools in maintaining domination. That which is NOT UNDER OUR CONTROL is by that fact EVIL, SINFUL, and is TO BE DESTROYED --- by any means/tools which are at our disposal. Opponents and faithless "supporters" are disposable. CONTROL MUST BE TOTAL. NO EXCEPTIONS. The stakes are too high to take any risks. Trust no one. There are NO LIMITS to our proper controls. For these reasons all human sexuality must be under our control at all times, because humane sexuality is the root of the most dangerous temptations and threats to the integrity of "Our Domination System" --- which is the key to our integrity, to the integrity of our SYSTEM, the integrity of our COMMUNITY --- which we own, and which owns us. We must all hang together until the end --- which will be glorious! Within UNCONTROLLED intimate relationships people might see the LOGIC of "Our Domination System". That must not be allowed to happen! OUR LOGIC must NOT be revealed because it is brittle. If OUR LOGIC is revealed it will fall apart. To protect OUR LOGIC we must maintain "favorable-to-us" controls over ALL: confusion, ignorance, doubts, certainties, prejudices, beliefs, confessions, convictions, AND of expressions, communications, and dialogues about them --- within all contexts. It all makes sense in the depths of our fears. We must do what must be done. Else "Our Domination System" will fall apart --- because of original sins which we cannot control in the past. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================