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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %TAKE ADVANTAGE VULNERABILITY DEFENSELESS VICTIM+960302 %COMPETITIVE EDGE WIN SUCCEED GET AHEAD TOP HEAP+960302 %ENCOURAGE SECRECY NONRESPONSIVE DECEPTION IMPRESS+960302 %COERCION MANIPULATION VIOLENCE TERRORISM CRIME 960302 When a society puts much emphasis upon competition, winning, success, getting ahead, being on top, achievements, impressions, ownership, and their like--- many members of the society are bound to get the message that it is ultimately important to take advantage of other people's vulnerability, weaknesses, ignorance, immaturity, confusion, naivete, and child-like-ness. To the extent that such a society respects and rewards members who get such a message and behave according---to that extent the society and its members will disintegrate. When competition is more often respected that cooperation few people will cooperate in responding to the problems and dilemmas which confront the fast changing society. Compulsively competitive people do not want to cooperate, and do now know how to cooperate effectively. Winning in a competitive atmosphere is always at the expense of the losers. Developing WIN-WIN ways of approaching each other in conflicts does not come naturally and occurs only when there are significant encouragements the the development of WIN-WIN responses to dilemmas, problems, and conflicts. When success is measured comparatively against the success or failure of others---it is natural that those who are most determined to succeed do it in ways which reduce the possibility of others succeeding. Getting ahead creates an image of others getting behind; else what is one ahead of? Getting ahead certainly does not suggest an image of traveling together side by side in some cooperative venture. Likewise for being on top; on top of whom? Who is offering the support from below? What credit do they get if they are not on top? If it is impressions which count---what difference does it make how the impressions are achieved? It is the best actor who makes the best impressions. Life is a stage and what counts is the drama which is projected; how people view you, what they think of you. Make effective and impressive presentations to make the sale, impress others, get ahead, win, succeed. If achievements are what are most important---who will take time to be present and listen in a relaxed way. To achieve anything one must be busy doing, not just being. If achievements are what is important---what is the point of just being true to yourself and others? One must be doing---something. If ownership and control of possessions is what counts of what important---can open and honest dialogue be most important? One must make a choice and one cannot hope to own and control many things and people---while trying to be engaged in open and honest dialogue. Be real! The way to succeed and get ahead is to look for people's points of vulnerability; places where their defenses are down, and so places where one can overcome their resistance to sales, change, initiatives, taking over, possessiveness, etc. We must constantly be looking for points of vulnerability which we can take advantage of. When we take advantage of people's vulnerability, weaknesses, ignorance, immaturity, confusion, naivete, and child-like-ness---we thereby encourage them to be defensive, deceptive, non-responsive, withdrawn, non- cooperative, addictive, codependent, collusive, etc. The individual advantages gained are paid for with personal and communal disintegration---unto the seventh generation. It is essential that we seek for and promote both personal and communal integrity---regardless of what else we value and affirm. In the absence of continuing personal and communal integrity and integration no other values and ideals are meaningful, satisfying or the focus of honest respect. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================