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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %INCONGRUOUS CONCEPTS OXYMORONS LACK INTEGRITY FAIL+940718 %MILITARY SECURITY COLLUSIVE TRUTH ADDICTIVE LOVE+940718 %TRUE COLLUSION GENTLE RAPE INTEGRATIVE ANALYSIS+940718 %UNBIASED OBJECTIVITY VIOLENT REFLECTION POOR PRAY 940718 In the real-world we often encounter pairs of words and phrases which bring together incongruous pointers; e.g., black-white or perfect-chaos. Often people have fun bringing such words together in oxymorons which are presented to expose the vulnerable points of people who are fixated upon one aspect of what the oxymoron points two --- while being blind to the incongruity in what has been brought together; e.g., military-intelligence. Because of how perfectionistic many religious people are, there are many incongruous word pairs and phrases which can be offered that point to the blindness of perfectionist religious people and their gatherings. PERFECT PRAYER BEST PRAYER GOOD PRAYER FULLY SAVED GOD'S FAVORITE GOD'S REJECTED GOD'S CONDEMNATION GOD'S COMMANDMENTS EVIL TRUTH GOOD CONDEMNATIONS GOOD REJECTION EVIL AFFECTION EVIL PRAYER EVIL MEDITATION EVIL DESCRIPTION FAULTY SOUL GOD'S MANAGERS GOD'S DIRECTORS GOD'S MANIPULATIONS GOD'S VIOLENCE GOD'S REJECTIONS ADDICTIVE GOD COLLUSIVE GOD DEPENDENT GOD EMBARRASSED GOD ANGRY GOD VENGEFUL GOD PUNITIVE GOD HARMFUL TRUTH GOOD DECEPTION USEFUL DISHONESTY POWERFUL SIN POWERFUL EVIL EVIL PERSON EVIL SOUL EVIL MIND EVIL BODY EVIL PLACE EVIL THING When we are confused and ignorant of the nature of what words point to --- we often bring words together in what appear to be meaningful ways, and are often mislead in tragic ways by our taking the incoherent combinations of words to be accurate and/or meaningful pointers to reality. We differ in what we intend to point to with our combinations of words, and we differ in what we see when we attend to what each other's combinations of words point to for us. Often we seem to create realities by how we bring incoherent combinations of words together; and we live in incoherent "dream-worlds" with many disintegrative dreams. We cannot be people of integrity in communities of integrity so long as we use words incoherently by ourselves and with each other. We need to get beyond the pointers and seek to be more in-touch with the realities to which coherent combinations of words may on occasion point. Our combinations of words are not the realities to which they often point. By manipulating the words, we do not manipulate the realities to which word combinations often point. By manipulating the words, we may confuse ourselves and each other about the realities to which word combinations can point. In our collusive games of mutual self-deception, our combinations of words often point "every-which-way," in incoherent patterns of chaos. Then result is that we make no sense and lose all sense of what is real and what is not real. We lose contact with reality and think we are in touch with reality as we manipulate incoherent patterns of words which are disconnected from the world of true, personal connections and experiences. We are not seeking truth and succeed in not finding truth. We are not seeking personal and communal integrity and succeed in avoiding integrity as we disintegrate. It is difficult for us to see clearly what it is that we are doing, and what it is that we are not doing; and why. When we truly search for integrity and honesty, we often find that the truth is paradoxical and so truth is not easily contained by unambiguous words, pairs of words, and word phrases. Often the best we can do is to try to point to the nature of our own experiences with words used as pointers; leaving others free to discover for themselves the true nature of that to which we point, as they themselves experience what we have pointed to. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================