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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %PUNISH MAKE PEOPLE GOOD COERCE MANIPULATE VIOLENT+931211 %REVENGE CLEAR CONFUSE ADDICT CODEPEND PRISON EVIL+931211 %TEACH LEARN TRAGIC MISTAKE CONFINE VICTIM LOVE LAW 931211 It is important to be clear about our motives and means when we try to make people be good. It is a tragic mistake to believe that through the use of manipulative means and violence we can teach people to be good. When people are manipulated and violated they do not learn the lessons which the manipulators and violators intend for them to learn; victims learn to be manipulators and violators in imitation of those who manipulate and violate them. Often we make the tragic mistake of pretending that our efforts to get revenge are nobel attempts to make people whom we resent to be good people according to our definitions. In so doing we are dishonest and lose our ability to make and act upon wise decisions based upon true perceptions, insights, understanding and sympathy. Often our feelings of a need to get revenge are symptoms of our own perceived injustices (which are often the fruits of our own twisted logic) rather than real injustices originating in the real behaviors of other people. We may regard other people's failures to conform to our expectations as injustices against us, when the real injustices are in our attempts to coerce other people through our conformal expectations which are immature and violent. Often members of minority groups suffer thus at the hands of self righteous members of powerful majorities. It is disintegrative for self righteous people to try to force relatively powerless members of minority groups to conform to the behavioral standards of the self righteous. Self righteousness does not empower anybody to successfully teach non-conformists to behave properly. Honest teaching does not involve coercion, manipulation, or violence. Honest teaching is education which entails educement, drawing out, encouragement, empowerment, enabling, assisting, liberation, and the increase of alternative opportunities. With the assistance of honest teachers true students learn how to be persons of integrity who are true to themselves and to others, and the benefits of honest dialogue, conversations and cooperation grow day by day. Honest teaching is not training which entails impositions, confinements, intimidation, limitations, discouragement, imprisonment, and the decrease of alternatives and possibilities. In the presence of tragically misguided dishonest manipulators, their victims learn to be dishonest with their manipulators, and the evils of alienative human relationships grow day by day. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================