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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %DISHONEST ADDICT COLLUDER TECHNOCRAT CODEPENDENT 900426 What are the essential differences between a technocrat and a healthy person of integrity? The difference is not at the level of technical competence, education, or skills. There are technocrats who have low levels of technical competence, education and/or skills. There are technocrats who are not regarded as technical people, and who do not regard themselves as technical people; and superficially they may voice many anti-technological attitudes. The difference between technocrats and healthy people of integrity pertains to wholeness, coherence, integrity, health; to their level of honesty and their freedom from patterns of thought, feeling, attitudes which are characteristic of colluders, addicts and codependents. Technocrats are addicts and codependents who are focused compulsively upon technical considerations. Technocrats view technical understanding, skills and materials as appropriate fixes to deal with human dilemmas; viewing them as solutions to human problems. They perceive all human situations and dilemmas as technical problems to be solved with appropriate technologies. They see appropriate technicians as the experts who should be in control through technical analysis, prescription and application of appropriate manipulative procedures. Addicts are preoccupied with finding fixes which they can control in dealing with human situations. They are dishonest about the nature of human dilemmas and how to meaningfully cope with dilemmas. Alcoholics dishonestly focus upon alcohol in seeking their fixes. Drug addicts dishonestly focus upon their drug(s) of choice in seeking fixes. Workaholics dishonestly focus upon work-place activities in seeking their fixes. Sexaholics dishonestly focus upon members of their preferred sex-object-type as fixes. Technocrats dishonestly focus upon scientific and technological manipulations and control in seeking their fixes. Technocrats cannot meaningfully cope with the essential mysteries, miracles, love and affection which are part of honestly living with healthy integrity. They want to analyze, understand, predict and control so much that in their efforts they act in ways which eliminate essential mysteries, miracles, love and affection. Technocrats do not perceive love and affection as appropriate when confronted with a dilemma over which there cannot be human control. They are unwilling to accept mysteries and miracles as essential components of healthy living; and so they work to minimize them. Technocrats are dishonest. Technically competent people who are profoundly honest are not technocrats. Profoundly honest and technically competent people do not regard technical tools as fixes for fundamental human dilemmas. Technocrats do not know how to respond humanely to the reality of human death, and are constantly trying to prevent all deaths. Technocrats do not know how to respond humanely to the reality of human sexuality, and are constantly trying to gain control over expressions of human sexuality through some system of technical regulations, morality, ethics and legislation. Technocrats are trapped in dishonest responses to human situations and dilemmas, and so their personal knowledge is superficial. Technocrats do not know how to respond creatively to spiritual relationships and so they respond in ways which deny the reality of the spiritual aspects of integrative living. There is no depth in their perceptions. Their perceptions of people's values, ideals, attitudes, emotions, affection, love, and integrative relationships are not even skin deep. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================