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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %CONFLICT EXCLUSIVE PERFECT CONTROL BALANCE EVIL 890520 Major conflicts often pertain to the exercise of exclusive control. When there are efforts to act wisely there are efforts to assure that there is full representation of all appropriate considerations in the exercise of control. The issue is whether or not there are any considerations which should be excluded from the process of governance. Often there is a fear that the inclusion of certain considerations in the process of governance amounts to the loss of a desirable level of control. In such situations there is a sense in which to some people the ultimate good is the process of excluding from governance those considerations which are most feared. In such situations fear governs. When fear governs there is disintegration. When fear governs, dialogue is inhibited and balance is lost in considerations which are central to governance. When fear governs some people who are feared are excluded from governmental considerations, and governance proceeds in ignorance of the insights which might have been presented by those who were excluded. It is dangerous to respect any form of exclusive control, or any desire to achieve exclusive control. The power to exclude and be exclusive is the power to disintegrate the whole, the power to destroy the whole. When any aspect of a whole seeks to be in exclusive control of the whole, the process of the disintegration of the whole has begun. The process of seeking to be in exclusive control of the whole is the process of destruction of the balance which is the essence of the integrity of the whole. The desire to be in full control is a disintegrative desire, and it is dangerous to respect such a desire. The integrity of a community and its members does not reside in any aspect of the whole being in full control of the whole. When any part of the whole is in full control of the whole, the whole is out of balance. Communities and members of communities who have lost their balance are falling apart, disintegrating. The efforts of people who seek and/or exercise exclusive control are not worthy of respect. It is essential to the integrity of a community that such people's efforts not be respected, that the children of the community be taught that it is dangerous to respect the efforts of people who exercise exclusive control. Members of an integrated community will grow up understanding that their efforts will not be respected if they desire and/or exercise exclusive control in any situation. The presence of such a consensus is protection against the evolution of factions exercising disintegrative control over the processes of the whole. The notion of the exercise of control is often an illusion. Those who think that they can exercise full control over a situation are participants in collusive games of mutual self deception; for the attempt to exercise full control leads to the disintegration of the whole of that which is presumably being controlled. The process of disintegration includes the process of disintegration of those who are presumably in control. Their perception that they are in control is illusory, and is part of the process of their own disintegration. The perception by others that those who think they are in control are in fact in control is also an illusion, and is part of the process of disintegration of the whole. A community cannot enjoy integrity if it is governed in an unbalanced way. Any effort to exclude from consideration any aspect of the whole is a disintegrative effort and is not worthy of respect by any part of the whole. To grant respect to any such effort is dangerous and such grants of respect are not worthy of respect. When some are excluded from consideration in a government their natural tendency is to insist that they be given consideration; and often, that they be granted the power of exclusive control. Efforts to exclude thus often generate mirror images of themselves, and the process of disintegration is thus accentuated. Many efforts to achieve exclusive control can be helpfully perceived as part of the addictive/codependent process in which people seek to compensate for their lack of healthy self esteem by seeking to be perfect and fully in control. They seek to achieve security through technocratic defensive measures which entail exclusion from their consideration of all that they fear. Their efforts confuse them and the issues which are present in their predicament. Their integrity depends upon them regaining an inclusive sense of balance among complementary values and ideals. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================