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This-essay is a7905101.htm which is available at the web-site See more notes at the bottom. Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay By-Months By-Years By-Words Webs of Like-&-Un-Like ESSAYS <==> Like-&-UN-Like This-One ========================================================== %CONDITIONAL TECHNICAL SALVATION+790510 %MANIPULATIVE WITHHELD PARENTAL AFFECTION+790510 %CHILD ADULT TEACH 790510 Technocrats through their compulsive affirmations of techniques come to use affection as a means for promoting conventional behavior. Affection is granted upon proper performance, and withheld in the absence of proper performance. Technocrats attempt to cause people to behave properly by manipulating people's environment, including their affective environment. Technocrats often have a sense of responsibility to assure proper behavior, and are afraid that they will be found to have been unfaithful stewards of their duty to assure proper behavior of other people. At a subconscious (maybe conscious sometimes) level they know how dependent people are upon affective affirmations and they use affectional needs to motivate conformal behavior. Conditional technical salvation fails because it is self defeating. Making affection conditional---generates perverse human development. The threat to withhold affection is not credible unless it is withheld in the absence of conformal behavior. Withholding affection--- occasions perverse human developments which lead to rebellious and violent self-affirmations. People who are not affirmed by others tend to affirm themselves. Affirmation is essential; if it is withheld by others, it is given by self. Thus technocrats who withhold affirmations in order to promote conformity---instead promote rebellion. The technocrat's response to rebellion which is occasioned by withholding affective affirmations---is to be more extreme in withholding affirmations, thus generating a vicious cycle in which the technocratic attempts to solve the problem---are the origin of and aggravation of the problem. Parents in a technocratic society begin this vicious cycle in the lives of their children upon the birth of their children. They tend to withhold affection until their children have shown that they have earned affection and affirmation. In the first months of their lives infants are conditioned to calculate ways to get the affection they need. They learn the need to affirm themselves in calculative ways, to place their welfare ahead of that of their parents---just as they see their parents doing. The can copy their parents manipulative style, and do a better job at it---because they have more time to devote to planning, evaluating, and executing the program of manipulation. Thus each generation becomes more technocratic than the previous one. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in Search for Integrity and Honesty (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================
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