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The following are potentially helpful web-search words-sets which yielded the number of hits indicated below
in July 2010. ( "Hits" often vary on different dates. )  Additional web-searches word-sets can be generated by 
adding words  of your choice and/or by omitting words from those listed below.

Within the website the web page offers many ways to search the web-site for individual words-and-clusters-of-words, in terms of the word-starts of 3-to-5 beginning-letters-of-key-words; 
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Hits  Search strings used:   (Suggestive of the wide range of topics addressed at

 31   mitigating alienative conflicts

 20   mMitigating our own alienative conflicts

  4   workshop mitigating alieantive conflicts

  8   domineering bullies mobbing mobsters

  6   transcending letting go

  6   clusters ideals values principles virtues hopes

  3   balance mutuality reciprocity cooperation colaboration

 12   arrogance humility coercion cooperation violence

 12   concentrations power wealth

 73   cooperate

724   integrity

336   mutual

509   love

 78   sex

124   sexual

 66   sexuality

172   intimate

  4   mutually assured destruction

  1   nuclear war atomic scientists

  6   political conflict resolution

  3   violent nonviolent conflict resolution

 22   addiction war

 22   sex addiction

 19   win collusive games mutual self deception

  6   win lose

  5   jack jill

  6   peak oil

 20   global warming

  5   global climate change

  3   coal energy crises

 11   God's astronomically tiny isolateted space ship earth

  7   limitetd resources 

 17   exponential growth 

  7   limitetd resources

 14   consumption

  3   sustainable life style

  4   civility civilization

105   honest dialogue

  8   honest leader

  6   candidate

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