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================================================================================================================================================================================== ================================================================================================================================================================================== This web page - - - will offer Surveys for public input - - - ABOUT MAJOR THREATS TO THE-LONG-TERM SUSTAINABILITY-OF-CIVILIZATION - - - hoping that most viewers are interested in helping US-ALL to participate in IDENTIFYING and LIFTING-UP for open-and-honest-dialogues: questions, affirmations, facts, truths, ideals, values, principles, grounds-for-hope, virtues, perspectives, myths and convictions - - - that Will-Play-Major-Roles in EITHER AUGMENTING and/or UNDERMINING - - - the LONG-TERM-SUSTAINABILITY of EARTH'S GLOBAL Civility-Patterns - - - and of EARTH'S GLOBAL-CIVILIZATION. SUVEYS will be offered in the overall spirit described at SURVEYS-WILL-NOT-FOCUS EXCLUSIVELY-UPON any-isolated ideology or group's - - - perspectives, beliefs or activities. Surveys WILL-FOCUS INCLUSIVELY-UPON questions, affirmations, facts, truths, ideals, values, principles, grounds-for-hope, virtues, and perspectives - - - that ARE-TOO-RARELY the Gracious-Focus of Open-and-Honest Public-Dialogues. { THE SURVEY WAS UPDATED ON 2012/04/09- - - AND IS NOW OPEN FOR YOUR INPUT. IT WILL REMAIN OPEN FOR MANY DAYS; UNTIL THERE IS A GOOD REASON TO CLOSE IT.} { YOU ARE ALL ENCOURAGED TO TELL FRIENDS TO CONTRIBUTE THEIR DIVERSE PESPECTIVES, OPINIONS, CONVICTIONS, ETC. - - TO STIMULATE OPEN-AND-HONEST DIALOGUES!} =====> CLICK ON THIS LINE TO CONTRIBUTE YOUR-OWN-PERCEPTIONS TO A CURRENTLY OPEN SURVEY <===== Some people may find portions of the survey to be of little interest/concern to them. Feel free to fill out only the portions that are of authentic interest/concern to you. There are no financial costs or benefits associated with filling out this survey document. Your only benefits are the intangible benefits of knowing you have helped to lift up important but neglected topics, for open and honest discussion. ================================================================================================================================================================================== ================================================================================================================================================================================== THE FOLLOWING IS ABOUT INTER-RELATED WORDS/REALITIES THAT ARE VICES AND/OR VIRTUES WHICH ARE MORE REFLEXIVE THAN OBJECTIVE BUT MAY HAVE DUAL ASPECTS! In any community of any size which is engaged in gracious efforts to mitigate its ALIENATIVE-CONFLICTS; there must be enduring OPEN-AND-HONEST DIALOGUES about the RELATIONSHIPS AMONG THE REALITIES suggested BY WORDS in the THREE columns below. FOR EXAMPLE: Are the words listed below starting and ending with a "$" PLACED-BELOW UNDER - - - the most appropriate headings? How often are the meanings of such words CONTEXTUALLY-DEPENDENT - - - in regards to the relative importance of the WORDS/REALITIES - - - and their INTER-RELATIONSHIPS? "Absences" can be just as importance as "Dominance" and "Thoughtless-Reverence!" Are words on each line - - - significantly inter-related; or inappropriately together? Often: We need to deal with CLUSTERS-OF: Ideals, Values, Virtues, Hopes, etc! We get into TROUBLES-AND-TRAGEDIES when we REVERE any WORD/REALITY as ABSOLUTE! An IDOL! There may be significant OMISSIONS and/or MISALIGNMENTS below. What are they? Where? USUALLY: Searches within are based upon the first three-to-five letters-of-words; sometimes in UPPER-CASE in "suggestive" words. Counts of frequencies of these "words" in texts - - - are based upon the counts-of-frequencies of finding the clusters of the FIRST-THREE-TO-FIVE-LETTERS; ANYWHERE in ALL words of the texts of the over 10,000 essays available at the web site: "". Because TRAGIC-ALIENATION is CENTRAL in all THREATS to the SUSTAINABILITY OF PLANET-EARTH'S GLOBAL-CIVILIZATION - - REFLEXIVE: REFLEXIVE: REFLEXIVE: VICES Usually - - - NATURES are Usually VIRTUES Usually - - Need-MITIGATIONS CONTEXT-DEPENDENT Need-AUGMENTATIONS Graciously-Done In Many-Ways Graciously-Done ================== ===================== =================== $Alienation$ $Suspicion$ $Reconciliation$ $Violence$$ $DOUBTS$ $KINDNESS$ $COERCION$ $CERTAINTY$ $GENTLENESS$ $INSENSITIVITY$ $ABSOLUTE$ $SENSITIVITY$ $INDIFFERENCE$ $LOYALTY$ $SYMPATHY$ $TORTURE$ $OBEDIENCE$ $EMPATHY$ $FEARS$ $ANXIETY$ $PREPARATIONS$ $IMPRUDENT$ $PRUDENT$ $ANTICIPATIONS$ $TRAGEDIES$ $SIMPLICITY$ $FAITHFULNESS$ $VICTIMIZATION$ $TRUST$ $CONFIDENCE$ $TERRORISM$ $CONFORMITY$ $HOSPITALITY$ $MILITARY$ $TENACITY$ $RELAXATION$ $INDUSTRIAL$ $COMPLEX$ $SIMPLICITY$ $EFFICIENT$ $ECONOMIC$ $PROFITS$ $BOTTOM$ $LINE$ $GAINS$ $WAR$ $SUBMISSION$ $TRANSCENDENCE$ $GREED$ $PROPER$ $GENEROSITY$ $BULLYING$ $REDEMPTIVE$ $GOODS$ $MOBBING$ $REVOLUTIONS$ $CHANGE$ $SELFISHNESS$ $FORMALITY$ $COOPERATION$ $ATTACKS$ $CONTRACTS$ $DIALOGUE$ $EXCLUSIVITY$ $UNITY$ $LISTENING$ $SUPERIORITY$ $COVENANTS$ $INTEGRATIONS$ $HIERARCHIES$ $PURITY$ $AUTHENTICITY$ $SEGREGATION$ $STANDARDS$ $HEALTH$ $ISOLATION$ $ADMIRATION$ $WHOLENESS$ $DEPRESSION$ $FREEDOM$ $SANCTUARY$ $REPRESSION$ $LIBERATION$ $SECURITY$ $IDOLATRY$ $CONCENTRATION$ $AUTHENTICITY$ $TABOO$ $PROCEDURE$ $WELCOME$ $GUILT$ $RELEASE$ $FORGIVENESS$ $SHAME$ $PRIDE$ $RECEPTIVE$ $DENIGRATION$ $APPROACH$ $DESCRIPTION$ $REJECTIONS$ $ATTITUDES$ $ACCEPTANCE$ $RUTS$ $TRADITIONS$ $SANCTUARIES$ $PREJUDICES$ $BELIEFS$ $CONSENSUS$ $PRESCRIPTIONS$ $WAYS$ $REVELATIONS$ $PROSCRIPTIONS$ $PATHS$ $TRUTHS$ $ARROGANCE$ $WILL$ $HUMILITY$ $ABSOLUTES$ $ASSUMPTIONS$ $POSSIBILITIES$ $UNILATERAL$ $GOAL$ $HOPES$ $TECHNOCRATIC$ $PARADIGM$ $COMMUNITY$ $CONTENTION$ $WAITING$ $FAITH$ $NEGATION$ $DOUBT$ $AFFIRMATION$ $INVULNERABILITY$ $POSSIBILITY$ $VULNERABILITY$ $REQUIREMENTS$ $LIBERTY$ $COMMUNION$ $COLLUSIONS$ $COOPERATION$ $JUSTICE$ $PLAYING$ $GAMES$ $SHARING$ $EXHAUSTION$ $SUSTAINABLE$ $ROBUST$ $DESTRUCTIVE$ $PASSIVE$ $CREATIVE$ $COLONIES$ $POWERS$ $SPIRITS$ $CORPORATIONS$ $COOPERATIVES$ $MUTUALITY$ $PROFITS$ $WORKS$ $PLEASURES$ $CONTROLS$ $LIBERALITY$ $LIBERATION$ $CONSPIRACIES$ $ENDURANCE$ $SHALOM$ $SECRECY$ $ADAPTABILITY$ $RELAXATION$ $DOMINATION$ $HONESTY$ $ACCURACY$ $SUPPRESSION$ $FLEXIBILITY$ $CANDOR$ $REPRESSION$ $STABILITY$ $REVELATIONS$ $REJECTIONS$ $ENDURANCE$ $BALANCE$ $EXCOMMUNICATIONS$ $PRIDE$ $REVERENCE$ $BANISHMENTS$ $RISKS$ $ADMIRATION$ $EXECUTIONS$ $COMPETITION$ $MUTUALITY$ $MURDERS$ $WINNING$ $RESPECT$ $SUBMISSION$ $LOSING$ $INTIMACY$ $CODEPENDENCE$ $PATIENCE$ $AFFECTION$ $ADDICTION$ $TOLERANCE$ $LOVE$ $MORE$ $LIMITS$ $ENOUGH$ $ARROGANCE$ $GROWTH$ $WELCOMES$ $EMPIRES$ $CHANGE$ $SHALOM$ $COVETOUSNESS$ $FINITUDE$ $GENEROSITY$ $EGOCENTRIC$ $NEIGHBORS$ $GRACE$ $STEALING$ $BOUNDARIES$ $GIVING$ $EXTORTIONS$ $WALLS$ $SHARING$ $CONCENTRATIONS$ $WEALTH$ $DISTRIBUTIVE$ $CONCENTRATIONS$ $POWERS$ $JUSTICE$ $IMPRISONMENT$ $FENCES$ $RESTORATION$ $CONSTRAINTS$ $CHAINS$ $RELEASE$ $CONFUSION$ $LAWS$ $GRACE$ $OBSCURITY$ $DESCRIPTIONS$ $CLARITY$ $IGNORANCE$ $POLICE$ $FORGIVENESS$ $PREJUDICE$ $ENFORCEMENT$ $LIBERATION$ $BIASES$ $JUDGEMENTS$ $HEALINGS$ $PUNISHMENTS$ $CONSEQUENCES$ $INTEGRATIONS$ $VICTIMS$ $LEADERS$ $HEALERS$ $REWARDS$ $PROFITS$ $MITIGATIONS$ $CONTENDERS$ $COORDINATORS$ $INTEGRATORS$ $ALIENATIONS$ $BYSTANDERS$ $INTEGRATIONS$ $HOPELESSNESS$ $CAREFREE$ $INTEGRITIES$ $Prisons$ $TECHNICIANS$ $COHERENCE$ $TRAPS$ $EXPERTS$ $ROBUSTNESS$ $ENTRAPMENT$ $AUTHORITIES$ $CONSIDERATIONS$ $BOMBS$ $RELIABILITY$ $EXAMINATIONS$ $GUNS$ $STABILITY$ $HEAVEN$ $FORTS$ $COMMONS$ $SAFETY$ $CONFLICTS$ $RESOLUTIONS$ $COOPERATION$ $BATTLES$ $ARBITRATIONS$ $SETTLEMENTS$ $SWORDS$ $IRONWORKS$ PLOWSHARES$ $EMPIRES$ $Decisions$ $COOPERATIVES$ $TECHNOCRACY$ $PEACE$ $WHOLENESS$ END