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This is only an outline sketch of the writer's political life.

Took the initiative to circulate a petition to the Junior High School Principle to petition for redress of grivences of a class of students regarding unfair treatment by the teacher. Was elected Class President following that.

Served as one of the leaders for a rather autonomous city wide religious yough group in Geneseo, IL when in high school there.

Served as the Chairman of the "Academic Problems Committee" at Park College, representing to the college administration --- students' concerns about professors' inadequacies.

Was an informal researcher into radioactive fallout on the Washington University campus during 1956 - 1959 while a physics graduate student there. This took place within the context of some of the "Atomic Scientists" forming the "Saint Louis Committee for Nuclear Information" and the study of radioactivity in babies teeth to dramatize the risks of radioactive fall-out from U.S.A. nuclear bomb testing in the U.S.A. and the Pacific Islands. Was featured in two photographs in the St. Louis Post Dispatch on the occasion of the announcment of the formation of the St. Louis Committee for Nuclear Information.

During 1959 - 1964 Was a member of the "Social Concerns Committee" of First Church, Cambridge, MA (The very first church formed there.)

Participated with the Civil-Rights-Movements' early demonstrations against segregated lunch counters in Medford, MA and Boston, MA --- in coordination with the Congress of Racial Equality, CORE.

Was the March Captain" of a Peace-March from Boston, MA to New London, MA; the site of the U.S.A. nuclear subrmarine base.

Was the Chairman of the Cedar Rapids, IA chapter of the Iowa Democratic Conference and a member of its Iowa Board of Directors during 1969 - 1973; its full period of activity before its leaders became major leaders in the Iowa Democratic Party itself.

Played supportive roles in the efforts of blacks in Cedar Rapids Iowa to enjoy their rights as American Citizens as regards housing purchases.

Was Secretary of the Iowa Democratic Party during 1974 - 1978; elected without contest two times. Helped the party formalize the rules under which it led the nation in beginning the process of selecting the next President of the U.S.A. --- unwittingly helping six others to initiate the setting of the early starting of the Caucus-Convention-Process in Iowa in 1974.

Was Secretary of most Democratic Party Convention Committees on Rules and Nomination at his own county, congressional-District, and State Conventions during 1974 - 2002; and of most State Level Constitution Revision Commissions during that time interval. Led the many years of efforts to create a priority voting system which was eventually used regularly in selecting the Iowa Democratic Party's Platform-Priorities.

Was a member of the 1976 National Platform Committee of the Democratic Party of the USA.

Was the initiator of and pannelest on a workshop on the Platform Process at the 1978 Off-Year National Convention of the Democratic Party.

Was the presiding officer of a federation of 80 Presbyterian Congregations with about 20,000 members; the Presbytery of East Iowa, during the mid 1900s.

Was a member of the National Council of the American Association of Physics Teachers --- for about 15 years during the 1970s and 1980s.

Retired from college teaching in 1999 after teaching physics and astronomy for 35 years.

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