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It is rarely a simple-task; free of tragically-misleading motivations-and-ideals - - - to create a formal system of truly gracious-and-integrative: prescriptions, proscriptions, rules, laws, commandments, and appropriate enforcement procedures - - - to insure the reliable SUSTAINABILITY OF A CIVIL-CIVILIZATION; with truly essential-and-complementary; ideals, values, principles, virtues and grounds-for-hope. Often - - - in practice - - - the above qualifications - - - in the perspectives of different people; cary contradictory-and-alienative-connotations - - - especially when the qualifications are viewed as mutually-exclusive-absolutes - - - by different people who are NOT - - - Graciously, Intentionally and Truly committed-to and-bonded within, cooperative-efforts - - - To Mitigate-Their-Own-Alieantive-Conflicts as True-Lovers - - - Being-Together within Love's-Sanctuaries-of-Shalom - - - To Mitigate Their-Own Alieantive-Conflicts. The Latter-Kinds-of-Committments/Bonding, are essential to Sustaining-Any-Civil-Civilization In-the-Long-Term. Be-Aware-Of and Beware-Of, People who Win-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - To Avoid-Dealing-With the Inconvienent-Realities, that are Suggested in the above Text! NOTE: Whenever there are occasions, when we need to recongnize threats to the Sustainability of our Civilization - - - There will be the need to recognize the great threats of some people - - - that their threats MUST BE IGNORED, EXCUSED AND/OR FORGIVEN - - - BECAUSE of how they are "EXCEPTIONAL-PEOPLE" IN SOME "SPECIAL" WAYS! - - - so that they MUST-BE-HONORED WITH "SPECIAL-PRIVILAGES", no matter what the costs may be. [ There are many occasions where the above provisions need to be made reference to - - - to keep peace and civility within our "SPECIAL-CIVILIZATION"! ] A. Click on any Hyper-Link just following to find where this Hyper-Link appears elsewhere. None Yet Here B. Click on any Hyper-Link just following to find other essays much like this essay. None Yet Here C. Click on any Hyper-Link just following to find other essay-finding-tools: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Be-Together within Shalom's Sanctuaries Discerning Through-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues - - - What-IS and What-is-NOT ESSENTIAL-TO-CIVILITY-AND-SUSTAINABLE-CIVILIZATIONS! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------