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Some people's lives are focused    narrowly upon particular kinds of realities        not-shared-in-common; e.g. ISOLATED-KINDS-OF-EGOCENTRIC:

Foods         Eating        Friends      Clothing            Personal-Possessions     Inventories       Sales            Profits       Losses

Investments   Ideas         Ideals       Virtues             Machines   Products      Manufacturing     Spirituality     Dreams        Morality      

Ethics        Goodness      Fantasies    Practicality        Wars       Terrors       Terrorists        Intimacies       Religions     Politics       

Economies     etc.

Such isolated different-people   may naturally have difficulty in communicating   well/reliably/satisfactorily   with each other - - - 

especially   if they are unaware of the ways in which they are different as persons - - - for any of many reasons: 

Allergies     Fetishes     Addictions    Preoccupations      Demands    Injuries       Presumptions      Assumptions     Expectations   Dreams   


For a   Civilization to be  Long-Term-Sustainable - - - there must be therein   wide-spread    general-consensuses   about many   Mutually-Supportive  NON-EGOCENTRIC-IN-COMMON:

Ideals        Principles   Values        Virtues             Grounds-for-Hope   - - -  that are    Regarded-in-Common   as    Essential-and-Primary;  and others that are complementary

and contextually-helpful;  perhaps as follows:

ESSENTIAL                               COMPLEMENTARY

Honesty                                 Patriotism

Integrity                               Loyalty

Authenticity                            Tenacity

Coherence                               Certainty

Hospitality                             Authority

Generosity                              Self-Reliance

Welcomes                                Planning

Distributive-Justice                    Purity

Shalom                                  Unity

Creativity                              Freedom

Mutuality                               Tranquility

Trust                                   Peace

Empathy                                 Strength

Sympathy                                Power

Cooperation                             Determination

Collaboration                           Leadership

Coordination                            Firmness

Discernment                             Control

Modesty                                 Self-Confidence

Fellowship                              Obedience

Intuition                               Discipline


IN CONTRAST - - - The following  REALITIES   ALL   THREATEN:   The-Sustainability,    The-Integrity,        The-Health    and    The-Robustness   of   Each   Civilization-and-Person:

Domination       Greed       Violence       Coercion         Arrogance         Pretense      Deception        Unilateralists      Biases        Prejudices      Confusion     Corruption

Ignorance        Confusion   Addictions     Condescendence   Thoughtlessness   Indifference  Cynicism         Insensitivity       Meanness      Extremism       Revenge       Tragedies

We need to teach our children early in life to recognize what is ESSENTIAL to the Sustainability of CIVILIZATION - - - and what THREATENS the Sustainability of CIVILIZATION.     

We also need to teach our children early in life; how to cooperate/collaborate in working-together to  MITIGATE THEIR OWN ALIENATIVE-CONFLICTS  within  SHALOM'S SANCTUARIES OF LOVE.

THINK TOGETHER in SHALOM ABOUT THE-COSTS-OF-ALIENATION! Be-Together within Shalom's Sanctuaries Discerning Through-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues - - - What-IS and What-is-NOT ESSENTIAL-TO-CIVILITY-AND-SUSTAINABLE-CIVILIZATIONS!