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It is difficult to Long-Sustain  any   claim that    particular  DIFFERENT   personal    REALITIES      - - -

should-be-regarded in greatly    CONTRASTING WAYS; e.g., with GREAT-CONCERN - - - and WITH-INDIFFERENCE - - -  respectively.

Upon what basis can such a claim be sustained?   Which kinds of reality should DOMINATE US?    Be ignored?   Be considered GRACIOUSLY-IN-SHALOM?

Which of the following REALITIES   DO-NOT-MERIT   Gracious Consideration  by  True-Lovers  who are Truly-Committed to Mitigating Their Own Alienative-Conflicts?

Distrust?      Suspicion?      Anger?        Arrogance?     Greed?   Profits?     Frustrations?        Anxiety?       Terrors?    Fears?    Hunger?       Depressions?   Repressions?

Cynicism?      Avoidance?      Withdrawal?   Rejections?    Excommunications?     Banishments?         Aliens?        Strangers?  Joys?     Pleasures?    Lovers?        Intimacies?


More broadly - - - what aspects of some people - - - can disqualify "different" people from gracious-considerations which are granted to other "better-qualified"  members of the crew 

of God's Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated  Space-Ship-Earth?    WHY make the distinctions between "different" people?    What GOOD will come of such distinctions?    For Whom?   WHY?


During  the above considerations, we need to consider how WIDE-SPREAD each practice of favoritism IN EXPONENTIAL GROWTH can be - - - IN-THE-LONG-TERM;  AND SILL the Crew of God's 

Tiny-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth have enough of the Limited-Resources to use to make a HEALTHY-TRANSITION - - - into TRULY-SUSTAINABLE  LONG-TERM STABLE-LIFE-STYLES.   There are no

EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL significant material-resources that an be brought to earth to satisfy exponentially-growing demands for MORE-EACH-YEAR - - - WHEN LESS WILL BE accessible EACH YEAR.

For our civilization to become SUSTAINABLE, the vast majority of the people in Space-Ship-Earth must cooperate in generating democratic consensuses about what: behaviors, opinions, 

beliefs, ideals, values and kinds-of-growth - - - are Long-Term-Sustainable within God's Astronomically Tiny-and-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth - - - and how to recognize and elect

Truly-Trustworthy People to lead in the efforts to become a SUSTAINABLE-GLOBAL-CIVILIZATION.

Which of the following behaviors CAN BE Truly-Long-Term-Sustainable within God's Space-Ship-Earth? 1. Persistently trying to minimize governments and taxes to promote the COMMON-GOOD on a GLOBAL-SCALE? 2. Giving increasing-freedom to Unrestrained-Capitalists-for-Profits - - - to play Dominant-Roles within God's Astronomically-Tiny-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth? 3. The Greedy Hoarding of Increasingly-Scarce-Luxuries for the use of the few most wealthy and powerful leaders? 4. Tolerating increasing levels of Distributive-Injustice? 5. Demonstrating Hospitality, Generosity and Systemic Distributive-Justice? 6. Exponentially-Growing INVESTMENTS in IMPROVED: Efficiencies, Levels-of-Conservation, Levels-of-Recycling, Moderation, Uses of ENDURING Solar-and-Geothermal Energy Resources. 7. Providing for the Long-Term-Sustainable SAFE-STORAGE of High-Level-Radioactive-Wastes of Nuclear-Power-Plants. 8. Moderating our levels of confusion about the differences between Uninformed-Political-Opinions and Reliably-Proven-Scientific-Objective-Facts that are well understood. 9. Augmenting our general population's skills in participating in Objective-and-Reflexive Systems-Analyses of our Persistent-Alienative-Conflicts that Generate/Augment: Alienation, Confusion, Misunderstandings, Contentiousness, Violence, Coercion, Terrors, Fears and Terrorism - - - by working Cooperatively Together-in-Shalom's-Ways-and-Sanctuaries to Mitigate Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
THINK TOGETHER in SHALOM ABOUT THE-COSTS-OF-ALIENATION! Be-Together within Shalom's Sanctuaries Discerning Through-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues - - - What-IS and What-is-NOT ESSENTIAL-TO-CIVILITY-AND-SUSTAINABLE-CIVILIZATIONS!