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 1. What is the nature of Alienative-Behaviors that are  NOT  clearly-and-unambiguously:

    Unethical, Immoral, Idolatrous, Non-Sustainable, Treasonous, Greedy, Destructive, Disintegrative, Dishonorable, etc?

 2. Who are the people who are  BEST-Qualified to answer the above question   - - - in all of  its  equivalent forms?       How can we recognize them?

 3. Who are the people who are LEAST-Qualified to answer the above questions  - - - in all of their equivalent forms?       How can we recognize them?


 A. The Most Powerful People?                                  The Least Powerful People?

 B. The Least Wealthy People?                                  The Most Wealthy People?

 C. The Most Alienated people?                                 The Least Alienated People?

 D. True-LOVERS IN SHALOM?                                     Domineering Bullies in Alienative-Conflicts?

 E. Mobbing-Mobsters in REVOLUTIONS?                           Trained Resistors of Coercion, Violence and Domination?

 F. True Patriots?                                             Trained Orthodox Religious Leaders?

 G. Reconcilers?                                               Successful Colonialists and their Followers?

 H. Terrorists?                                                Militarists eliminating Terrorists from God's Space-Ship-Earth?

 I. Pretentious and Arrogant Superior People?                  Humble People?

 J. Inferior People who are submissive?                        Self-Confident True-Lovers?

 K. Extremists willing to Sacrifice All People to Purity?      Moderate People willing to Mitigate their Alienative-Conflicts?

 L. Self-Confident people who know THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH?         Moderators who help people to learn to know strangers as friends?

 M. Experts in Resolving Other-People's-Conflicts-For-Them?    Submissive Non-Demanding Followers of Great-Leaders?

 N. Controllers of Other People's Alienative-Conflicts?        Arbitrators of Other People's Alienative Conflicts?

 O. Democratically Chosen Policemen and Male-Judges?           God's Appointed Jurors and Religious-Leaders?

 P. Supreme-Courts and Supreme-Moral/Ethical Leaders?          Supreme: Scholars, Ethicists and Moral-Leaders?

 Q. Nobel-Prize-Winners and Scientists/Engineers?              The Most Popular Entertainers and Political-Speakers?

 R. The people with the PUREST-MOTIVES?                        The people with well integrated motives?

 S. Self-Appointed-True-Prophets?                              The Newest-Leader of the Newest-FAD?

 T. Unspoiled Naive Children?                                  The Most Spiritually-Isolated-People?

 U. People who have Let-Go-Of and no-longer-are preoccupied with: Power, wealth, Influence, Invulnerability, Technocracies, Empires?

 V. People who are "closest" to God?

 W. People least pretentious in Talking about God?

 X. People most  pretentious in Talking about God?

 Y. People most preoccupied with the "healthy" exponential growth of The-Economic-System.

 Z. People who win the most Collusive-Games-Of-Mutual-Self-Deception about their winning Superior-Alienative-Conflicts.

THINK TOGETHER in SHALOM! Be-Together within Shalom's Sanctuaries Discerning Through-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues - - - What-IS and What-is-NOT ESSENTIAL-TO-CIVILITY-AND-SUSTAINABLE-CIVILIZATIONS!