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Each ALIENATIVE-Life-Style-Disparity - - - generates "Foot-Prints"  that Threaten the SUSTAINABILITY-of-CIVILIZATION; e.g. as regards Changing Patterns of GLOBAL:

Alienations         Conflicts        Entropy          Garbage           Depletions          Resources          Warming           Climates
Atmospheric CO-2    Melting-Ice      Flooding         Storms            Deserts             Poverty            Luxuries          Passions

Emotions            Integrities      Integrations     Security          Invulnerability     Safety             Risks             Mistakes

Ignorance           Health           Healings         Anxieties         Terrors             Influence          Causes            Powers

Wealth              Collapse         Stability        Concentrations    Transitions         Mutuality          Cooperation       Collaboration

Equality            Justice          Distributions    Creativity        Reconciliation      Reconsideration    Intimacies        Violence

Coercion            Bonding          Communities      Fellowships       Villages            Neighborhoods      Knowledge         Certainties

Ideals              Values           Principles       Virtues           Hopes               Goals              Expectations      Fears

Grounds             Foundations      Essentials       Pure-Air          Pure-Water          Pure-Minerals      Exponentials      Growths

Economies           Greed            Coercion         Violence          Terrorism           Terrorists         Militarism        Wars

Battles             Attacks          Contentions      Battles           Winnings            Net-Gains          Net-Losses        H-Bombs
A-Bombs             N-Bombs          Clean-Bombs      Superiority       Inferiority         Winning-Collusive-games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception 

Each ALIENATIVE-Life-Style-Disparity - - - is probably rooted in the Alienative-Conflicts   Between/Among  Different-People who are   NOT  EQUITABLY-ABLE-TO:

 1. Have their most basic-and-essential needs - - - Met-WELL-Enough to allow them to sustain their own   PERSONAL-AND-COMMUNAL   levels of health-and-integrity.

 2. Protect themselves against the threats of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters - - - who are able to significantly influence their Well-Being in any way.

 3. Participate in  open-and-honest  Public-Communal-Discussions  about  Reliable-Signs  regarding  which people   Truly-Merit our:  Trust, Respect, Admiration and Support.

 4. Recognize and talk about which  Candidates-for  Election-to-Public-Office - - - can-safely-be-trusted to work to  AUGMENT  the OVER-ALL-LONG-TERM SUSTAINABILITY-of-CIVILIZATION.


ALL of the above - - - call for Global Objective-and-Reflexive Systems-Analyses!
There have been many "great" civilizations that rose to prominence, and then collapsed - - - often due to the local exhaustion-of-essential-resources that played central roles in the assent of "great" civilizations - - - search the web for "Civilization Collpase" to learn about the details of such collapses. QUESTION: What will happen as the material resources within God's Astronomically Tiny-and-Isolated Blue-Spherical-Space-Ship-Earth'S THIN-COOLED-SOLID-CRUST - - - are exhausted by INHUMANE EXPONENTIAL-GROWTH-PATTERNS of POPULATIONS and PER-CAPITA-RATES-OF CONSUMPTION/POLLUTION of pure-and-available: FOSSIL-FUELS, MINERALS, ELEMENTS, WATER, AIR, SOILS, COMPOUNDS, etc. - - - with NO-ALTERNATIVE-SUCH-SUPPLIES in God's Humanly-Accessible Extra-Terrestrial COSMIC-SPACES - - - which are OVER-ALL Unimaginably: HUGE, COLD, EMPTY, and DANGEROUSLY-LACED with COSMIC-RAY-BULLETS traveling at near light-speeds with devastatingly-great PENETRATION-POWERS! All of God's Large-Asteroids-and-Comets which have delivered all of the large amounts of Material-Resources, Water, and Gas to Space-Ship-Earth - - - have devastated major fractions of the thin outside surface IMMEDIATELY-UPON- ARRIVAL! It has been a clumsy-unimaginably-destructive-delivery system! Another significant delivery could destroy all of the existing human-civilization! Not a cool move! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THINK TOGETHER in SHALOM! Be-Together within Shalom's Sanctuaries Discerning Through-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues - - - What-IS and What-is-NOT ESSENTIAL-TO-CIVILITY-AND-SUSTAINABLE-CIVILIZATIONS!