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Which of the following phrases most helpfully describes the: proper, sustainable, integrative, honorable, admirable and true - - - NATURE-AND-PURPOSE OF - - - "THE-ECONOMIC-SYSTEM" of each truly-great-and-long-term-sustainable CIVILIZATION? 1. Help the "rich" get/concentrate more "riches"? 2. Help the powerful get/concentrate more "powers"? 3. Maintain an eternal-pattern of EXPONENTIAL-GROWTH IN SUPERIOR/EXCLUSIVE IDEALS. 4. Maintain an eternal-pattern of EXPONENTIAL-GROWTH IN Rates-of-Consumption of coveted fossil-fuels and pure-material-resources in earth's exceedingly thin cooled crust. 5. Promote the survival of the most-fit producers of New-Goods-and-Services For-Consumption by Improving-Superior-Mortals. 6. Promote the exponential-growth-and-survival of the ONE-MOST-FIT-ECONOMIC-SYSTEM. 7. Expose and destroy all EVIL: people, ideas, ideals, desires, dialogues, friendships, intimacies, doctrines, visions, visions, religions and nations. 8. Facilitate the DOMINANCE of human-mortals as the superior species within God's Astronomically tiny-and-isolated Blue-Spherical-Space-Ship-Earth which God made especially-and-exclusively for mortals to live in for ever. 9. Facilitate the immigration of Superior-Mortal-Homo-Sapiens throughout God's Milky-Way and throughout other of God's distant galaxies which are BILLIONS OF LIGHT YEARS FROM HER SPACE-SHIP-EARTH. 10. Facilitate the DOMINANCE OF MEN throughout GOD'S MACHO-COSMOS to Glorify God and HIS CREATION FOR EVER. Ah MEN! 11. Facilitate the sustainable evolution of humane, honest, integrative and healthy communities - - - within God's Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated Evolving-Diverse- Ecosystem - - - within HER Blue-Space-Ship-Earth moving through HER UNIMAGINABLY: VAST-AND-COLD COSMIC-VOIDS eternally being Chris-Crossed by DEADLY COSMIC-RAY Sub-Atomic-Bullets that penetrate mortals' extra-terrestrial space-ships far from HER Space-Ship-Earth. 12. Where can mortals stand and look to apprehend the true-nature of God's COSMIC Realities? ================================================================================================================================================================================= A healthy, sustainable and well integrated: person, family, neighborhood, village, city, nation, state and Global-Civilization - - - integrates all component parts thereof into the whole - - - and is not dominated by EXPONENTIAL-GROWTH of the wealth and/or powers of any isolated/alienated/estranged part of the whole environment or pattern of activities - - - within the whole of God's Astronomically-Tiny-and-Effectively Materially-Isolated Blue-Spherical Space-Ship-Earth. Local parts of God's Whole-Cosmos are quite-effectively-isolated from the distant-other-parts of God's Cosmos - - - ISOLATED by the finite speed-limit placed upon parts of the COSMOS traveling through the Expanding-Cosmos - - - at up-to-the speed-of-light and-of-all other electromagnetic-radiations. It is exceedingly-difficult to demonstrate-convincingly that cause-and-effect relationships among-parts-of-the WHOLE COSMOS are more than just local-relationships. To-Whom can the demonstration be made convincingly? Where? When? Within what volume of ALL of COSMIC Space-Time? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THINK! Be-Together within Shalom's Sanctuaries Discerning through Open-and-Honest-Dialogues - - - What-IS and What-is-NOT ESSENTIAL-TO-CIVILITY-AND-TRUE-CIVILIZATIONS!