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When a significant fraction of influential people in a community use words - - - that in the past were unequivocally focused upon: Love, Reconciliation, 

Healing, Cooperation, Collaboration, Coordination, etc. - - - but are now used in ways and in contexts that regularly revolve-around and/or focus upon:

Domination, Coercions, Violence, Punishments, Excommunications, Banishments, Shunnings, Rejections, Exclusions, etc. - - - and those behaviors are often

tolerated, accepted, ignored, taken-for-granted and/or even honored - - -  THEN:

Old-texts and Scriptures are seen as saying and affirming - - - assumptions, attitudes, beliefs, preoccupations, and behaviors which are CONTRARY TO WHAT

the words originally meant.  The meanings of words have been, and can be REVERSED as in the old sailors' saying:  "MAKE THE SHIP FAST"  which meant; "TIE-IT-

FIRMLY-IN-PLACE so it will remain essentially STATIONARY."   The OLD-ENGLISH root meaning of "fast"  was  "firm".   Look up the word "fast" in a mid 1900's

dictionary!  Major changes have occured  and can occur during one lifetime!

The newer implications and emotional associations of a word - - - depend heavily upon the emotional contexts and experiences within which the word has been used!

Thus, ancient SCRIPTURES' implications and emotional associations  may be CONTRARY to what were the implications-and-emotional-associations of the very same

series of sounds when the words were then spoken, and the very same sequences of letters when the words where then written and read.  The experienced meanings

and implications of ancient "SCRIPTURES" are NOT-FIRM or FIXED - - - while the users of a given language are through-usage changing the meanings and implications 

of the words that are evolving and even reversing-in-meanings-and-implications.

Each generation needs to reformulate consensues about what "BEHAVIORAL-SIGNS  TO-RELIABLY-TRUST" regarding   WHOM-to-TRUST   and  WHOM-to-DIS-TRUST  in efforts to MITIGATE-OUR-OWN

ALIENATIVE-CONFLICTS and hopefully create "intimate-relationships" which entail:  cooperations, colaborations, coordinations, generosity, hospitality, open-and-honest-dialogues,

and balanced-patterns-of-mutual-vulnerability.  Being always-primarily-preoccupied with: invulnerability, security, safety, power-concentrations, wealth-concentrations, 

predictability and utter-reliability in fulfilling-expectations - - - - WILL UNDERMINE THE CIVILITY and the SUSTAINABILITY of God's Global Civilization within God's Astronomically-

Tiny-and-Isolatetd  BLUE-SPHERICAL  SPACE-SHIP-EARTH    traveling TOTALLY-DEPENDENT upon just one average star for warmth-and-sustained-energy-supplies as stored-energy within the 

tiny SPACE-SHIP-EARTH  are depleted by patterns of   EXPONENTIAL-GROWTH  in CONSUMPTIONS of inter-dependent Material-Resources  in the   ASTRONOMICALLY  ultra-thin   cooled-solid-crust  

around the  RED-HOT "MOLTEN" CORE WHOSE DIAMETER IS ABOUT 1,000 TIMES the thickness of the cooled-solid-crust.  The cooling has occured because on-average the space of the whole cosmic

volume is BELOW-THE FREEZING TEMPERATURE by about 270-degrees-Celcius = about 486-degrees-Fahrenheight!  Mortals would be frozen as solid as most rocks, at such a temperatures;

which is the average temperature of MOST-of-the-SPACE-IN-THE-COSMOS - - - AVERAGE-SPACE which is far from all stars which are tiny compared to the distances between ISOLATED-STABALE-STARS.


     Be-Together   within   Shalom's Sanctuaries       Discerning through Open-and-Honest-Dialogues      What-IS   and What-is-Not     ESSENTIAL-TO-CIVILITY-AND-TRUE-CIVILIZATIONS!