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WHY are terrorists, domineering-bullies, mobbing-mobsters, militarists and other such leaders in our Military-Industrial-Congressional-Corporational-Concentrations of 

Wealth-and powers- - - So-Proud of their Alienative-and-Destructive-ACHIEVEMENTS?

(1) BECAUSE THOSE-ACHIEVEMENTS-PREVENT many True-Loving-Neighbors from creating Sustainable-Life-Styles and Coherent-Consensuses about the Essential-

Foundations - - - of All-Sustainable civilization - - - INCLUDING THEREIN:  MUTUALLY-SUPPORTIVE-AND-BALANCED CLUSTERS OF sUSTAINABLE:  Ideals, Values, Principles,

Virtues, and Grounds-for-Long-Term-Hope. 

Thereby Greedy-People become Freer-To-Concentrate-Powers-and-Wealth  Exclusively-for-Themselves To-Use-and-Abuse - - - so that they can offer Profitable-to-

Themselves - - - Jobs to the vast majority of people who Life-Long-Remain:  poor, uneducated, sick, alienate and impotent - - - and so are Unable-to-Oppose the  Greedy-People's 

Concentrations of Power-Wealth-and Influence in the "Eternally-Exponentially-Growing-Economic-Systems" that are Forever-Limited to operating   EXCLUSIVELY  WITHIN God's  

ASTRONOMICALLY   tiny-and-isolated   Spherical-BLUE-Space-Ship-EARTH  - - - always traveling-with-one-average-star through the  UNIMAGINABLY COLD-EMPTY  AND UNIMAGINABLY-VAST

COSMIC-SPACE  which is pervaded by Sub-Atomic   COSMIC-RAY-BULLETS   which  penetrate mortals' tiny space-ships and mortals' bodies  - - - during any extended physical-in-

person trips within the nearest parts of our local SOLAR-SYSTEM, and Other SOLAR-SYSTEMS whose Material-Resources will NEVER be reachable by Mortals using Reliably-Known-Sciences.

( Some people "TRUST-Otherwise-in-Faith" that CONTRADICTS-the-BEST-Confirmed Scientific-Experimentally-Replicated-Results of Honored-Authentic-Experimental-Teams-of-
Scientists.  A major fraction of the Usable-Energy-Deposits within God's Astronomically tiny-and-isolated Space-Ship-Earth; would be consumed by ONE mortal's round-trip to EXPLORE-
WELL the other-star nearest to the SUN; by using: organic-fuels, fission-fuels and fusion-fuels - - - in ways which are  Coherent-With all KINDS OF Well-Confirmed-Principles of Modern-
Physics; INCLUDING ALL of the Best-Confirmed CONSERVATION-LAWS related to: Energy, Linear-and-Angular Momentum, Charge, Thermodynamics, Entropy, Special-and-General-Relativity, etc.)

TECHNOCRACY'S-IMPOTENCE  - - -   in the face of ALIENATION AND NON-SUSTAINABLE: life-styles, ideals, values, principles and grounds-for-hope.


To Mitigate Our-Own Tragedies, we must understand that most tragedies are rooted in Tragic-Combinations of the following kinds of realities:

1. Simplistic-Fools'  Over-Simplified  and  Misleading-Ideologies.

2. The failure of many people to engage in Objective-and-Reflexive Systems-Analyses of the threats to the SUSTAINABILITY of Our-Global-Civilization - - - and the failure of many people
to act thoughtfully, sympathetically and empathetically with due consideration given to other people's most healthy and basic needs.

3. Greed, Dishonesty, Neglect, Laziness, Trusting-Bullies-and-Addicts, and NOT-TRUSTING: True-Lovers, Mitigators of Our-Own-Alieantive-Conflicts and True-Diplomats.

4. Procrastination in dealing with tragic patterns of alienation.

5. Procrastination in dealing with Non-Sustainable-Exponential-Rates-of-Growth in many people's activities within God's Astronomically Tiny and Isolated BLUE Spherical-Space-Ship-Earth.

6. Failures to study and think thoughtfully about what happened and did not happens as Previous-Civilizations   grew-in-prominence, peaked, and decayed in the presence of exhaustions of 
the key material-resources upon which they depended - - - without understanding their-limits-and-limitations - - - because they as leaders were WINNING THEIR COLLUSIVE-GAMES-OF-MUTUAL-

7. Failures-to-Moderate: addictive, excessive, enthusiastic, Exponential-and-Tenacious GROWTHS in: unbalanced, alieantive, violent, coercive, insensitive, non-cooperative and unilateral
patterns of behaviors.

8. Failures to concentrate gracious-attention upon   Cooperative-Patterns of behavior    which     Facilitate-and-Augment     realities such as those named below:

Open-and-Honest-Dialogue       Collaboration        Cooperation          Empathy       Sympathy      Mutuality       Balance          Sharing        Generosity      Thoughtfulness

Hospitality                    Education            Communication        Reliability   Accuracy      Sustainability  Modesty          Humility       Retrospection   Research

9. Domineering-Bullies,  Mobbing-Mobsters and Concentrators-of-Power-and-Wealth - - - discourage and/or undermine the just named behaviors - - -  in order to augment their own greedy 

10. The Callous use and abuse of:  Religious Teachings, Doctrines, Rituals and Institutions - - - by Domineering-Bullies - - - to augment their own greedy efforts to be more: Dominant, 
Wealthy and Powerful - - - done in  Unilateral-Ways  that UNDERMINE the SUSTAINABILITY of their Own "Civilization".


     Be-Together   within   Shalom's Sanctuaries       Discerning through Open-and-Honest-Dialogues      What-IS   and What-is-Not     ESSENTIAL-TO-CIVILITY-AND-TRUE-CIVILIZATIONS!