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Beware of: Ostensibly-Superior-People - - -   with  Superior-and-Unilateral:  Plans, Missions, Doctrines, Programs and/or a claimed transcendent truth that is: DOMINANT, ABSOLUTE, 

Beware of: Such people who are creating and augmenting  ALIENATIVE-CONFLICTS - - -  OVER-HOW-THEIR   Concentrations-Of-Unbalanced    Powers,  Wealth and  Influence - - - Should-
Be-Managed -- - - to benefit a privileged and alienated few superior people - - - - who are NOT: WELL INFORMED ABOUT, OR SYMPATHETIC TO - - - a great many people who have been 
victims of Distributive-injustice - - - that has prevented them from having their Most-Healthy-and-Basic Humane-Needs - - - from-being-fulfilled.

Such-Injustice undermines the SUSTAINABILITY of the  ASTRONOMICALLY tiny-and-isolated  space-ship-earth's civilization - - - as it exhausts its finite supply of material-resources 
in-pathetic-isolation   from any   assumed-to-be-accessible   extra-terrestrial   supply-of-adequate-material-resources.

Beware of people who presume to control what questions may BE asked and discussed;  and who may respond to truly new question, and how such people may respond to truly new questions.
Beware of people who seduce others to join in trying to WIN POWERFUL-COLLUSIVE-GAMES-OF-MUTUAL-SELF-DECEPTION - - - which are WON by lousing all touch with all Essential-Foundations-of Sustainable-Civilizations.
============================================================================================================================================================================================== Be-Together within Shalom's Sanctuaries Discerning through Open-and-Honest-Dialogues What-IS and What-is-Not ESSENTIAL-TO-CIVILITY-AND-TRUE-CIVILIZATIONS!