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The effects of the Alienative-Behaviors of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters - - - hide and/or confuse our understandings of what are the 
greatest threats to the Sustainability of our Global-Civilization  within  this  Astronomically   Tiny-and-Isolated   BLUE-SPHERICAL Space-Ship-Earth.

How can we of the crew, most graciously and helpfully  UNCOVER-and-CLARIFY what has been hidden and confused?  Consider the following possibilities; we CAN by:

1. NOT augmenting or further hiding and/or confusing our own patterns of Alienative-Conflicts, Chaos, Estrangement, Distrust, Suspicions, Arrogance, 
   Greed, Self-Righteousness, Violence, Coercion, Domination and Winning of Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception.

2. Being Mutually-Committed to Mitigating Our-Own Alieantive-Conflicts and their Dysfunctional Tragic-Fruits of Simplistic-Idealism-and-Ideologies.

3. Graciously-Helping-Each-Other to ask Truly Helpful Essentially-New-Questions - - - and to respond to such Essentially-New-Questions in the Reconciling ways of LOVE.

4. SHOWING by our actions that it IS Possible TO FIND WAYS TO CLEARLY DEMONSTRATE  SOME CLUSTERS-of: Values, Ideals, Principles, Virtues and Grounds-for-Hope; that 
   can and must be affirmed in Mutually-Sustainable-Ways within Appropriate-Contexts - - - for a civilization to be SUSTAINABLE.

5. Making clear to each other - - - that Either-Or-EXCLUSIVITY is not LONG-TERM-SUSTAINABLE in the presence of Space-Ship-Earths' Finite-Exhaustible-Material-Resources.

6. Making clear that to be SUSTAINABLE - - - a CIVILIZATION must affirm WHOLE-CLUSTERS-of Mutually-Complementary:   Values, Ideals, Principles, Virtues and Grounds-for-Hope.

7. Making clear that it is never essential to AFFIRM  - - - any form of Isolated-Alienated Superiority-or-Domination,   achieved by some isolated-part of any reality.

8. Making clear that we never know any Absolute-Truth - - - which trumps all partial-truths in the Alienative ways of Domineering-Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters.

It is essential that affirmations of Coherent-Clusters of Mutually-Complementary: Values, Ideals, Principles, Virtues and Grounds-for-Hope - - - Be Matched-Appropriately
to the Circumstances and Contexts wherein the Coherent-Cluster will help people to Mitigate-Their-Own  Alienative-Conflicts.

We CANNOT demonstrate Personal or Communal Integrities and Integrative-Processes - - - by focusing upon any ONE: Person, Coalition, Ideal, Value, Principle, Virtue or
Ground-for-Hope - - - in isolation and without regard for any complementary consideration.  Each ABSOLUTE-EXCLUSIVE-TRUTH is idolatrous in Isolation-and-Alienation.

                                                Be Aware and Beware - - - in the Informed, Thoughtful and Gracious Ways of LOVE.

For a Civilization to be Long-Term-Sustainable, its Prevalent-Leaders must Transcend and Let-Go-Of each Idolatrous-Absolute-and-Exclusive TRUTH-or-IDEAL that exists in
Isolated-Alienation - - - apart from other Complementary-Truths, Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues and Grounds for Hope.  Such Alienative-Realities undermine Mutually-
Complementary forms of Personal-and-Communal Integrities-and-Integrative-Processes.

Domineering-Bullies who are trying hard to Be-Faithful to their own Isolated-Life-Styles, Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues and Grounds-for-Hope - - - cannot tolerate
the Presence within their communities of True-Lovers - - - who are working to Mitigate their Own Alienative-Conflicts with people who are threatening the Long-Term-
Sustainability of the Civilization of the Whole-Crew of God's Astronomically   Tiny-and-Isolated    BLUE-SPHERICAL    Space-Ship-EARTH.


  Be-Together   within   Shalom's Sanctuaries       Discerning through Open-and-Honest-Dialogues      What-IS   and What-is-Not     ESSENTIAL-TO-CIVILITY-AND-TRUE-CIVILIZATIONS!