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Diverse Highly-Competent-People  may not be recognized as such - - - because others are unaware of the rarely-recognized  forms of talent that
they have - - - for   dealing-well   with  rarely-recognized  realities-and-relationships   that are invisible/undetectable   for most "normal" people.

Such Highly-Competent-People may be preoccupied-with and creative-in   responding    
sensitively-and-coherently   to   unusual/different   Objective-Reflexive-and-Subjective   realities such as:

How many animals perceive situations                                  in contrast to     How many humans perceive situations.

Inanimate   Objects and Objective-Relationships                       in contrast to     Animate-Subjects and Animated-Subjective-Relationships.

Reflexive-Realities   and Reflexive-Relationships among them;         in contrast to     The above    two contrasting kinds of   realities and relationships.

Rejections and  Alienative-Relationships  among people                in contrast to     Mutual-Acceptance and Reconciling-Relationships among people who are True-Lovers in LOVE.

Abstractions   and   Abstract-Relationships                           in contrast to     Concrete-Realities    and  Relationships among Concrete-Realities.

Numbers and Numerical-Relationships among Numbers                     in contrast to     Intimate-Personal-Relationships  and  Domineering-Bullies Regulating Intimate-Relationships

Algebraic-Symbols and Algebraic-Relationships                         in contrast to     Differential-Calculus  and Differential-Equations used in Physics and Economics

Integrations and Integrative-Relationships                            in contrast to     Abstract Dirac-Operators used in Describing Elementary-Particle-Interactions

Plane-Geometry and Pictorial-Relationships among Lines-and-Curves     in contrast to     Abstract-Linear-Vectors and Linear-Vector-Operator Calculus

Complex-Numbers represented in a Plane of Real-and-Imaginary values   in contrast to     Complex-Vector-Calculus in Multi-Dimensional-Spaces

Complex Computer-Programming Codes in Diverse-Programing-Languages    in contrast to     Body-Language, Facial-Expressions and Eye-Contact-Languages among True-Lovers in LOVE.

The structures of microscopic electronic-computer-elements            in contrast to     The structures of Massive-Geological-Formations of PLATE-TECTONIC-ENCOUNTERS and Earthquakes.

The Sustainability of a Civilization depends upon   How-Well-Integrated    Diverse-People   with  Diverse-Gifts    are able to become 

collaborators who are cooperating in the  Mitigation of  Their-Own    Isolated    and/or   Alienative-Relationships   and/or Conflicts.

Often,  Diverse-Competent-People  are  Isolated and/or Alienated from each other - - - because of the diverse kinds of:  perceptions-and-perspectives  of diverse kinds of:  

Realities, Languages,  Concepts, Patterns, and Relationships - - - which are the foci of their attentions, understandings and memories.   They may not even be aware of the

how diverse are their contrasting foci of their attentions, understandings and memories; and so they are not engaged in open and honest dialogues about their own central foci.

The Sustainability of  OUR GLOBAL CIVILIZATION DEPENDS UPON the efforts of   True-Lovers  who can transcend the  Alienative-Conflicts of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters; 

and can transcend the separations that exist between people because of the extreme diversities of their abilities to work with rarely-recognized-realities and relationships 

that are    invisible/undetectable    for most "normal" people.


  Be-Together   within   Shalom's Sanctuaries       Discerning through Open-and-Honest-Dialogues      What-IS   and What-is-Not     ESSENTIAL-TO-CIVILITY-AND-TRUE-CIVILIZATIONS!