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When  Domineering-Bullies  make statements to people - - - and the statements are of the general form:

YOU will-NOT ( or WILL ) "think", "desire", "say" or "do" - - - - "such and/or such" - - - -

They usually do not try to make clear whether ( or not) they are - - -

1. Giving an order or command,

2. Making a prediction,

3. Making a demand,

4. Making a statement of expectations.

In such cases - - - it will rarely, if ever, be helpful to ask the Domineering-Bully to clarify just what they are doing - - -
but it will usually be helpful to give the Domineering-Bullies every opportunity to graciously Let-Go of their: 
Domineering-Life-Style, Ideals, Values, Principles and Grounds for Hope.

At the same time - - - it will be helpful to give thought to how to respond to future clear Domineering-Actions on the part of the
Bullies which make clear that they are in fact moving in directions which are likely to lead them in tragic ways to:

1. Violating people's constitutional rights pertaining to honest communications and participation in democratic processes.

2. Violating people's personal and communal integrities in ways which undermine the Sustainability of Civilization.

3. Undermining mutual trust-and-respect within their community.

4. Behaving in overt coercive, violent and greedy ways.

5. Violate sanctuaries wherein people are free to engage in healthy open-and-honest-dialogues about many people's most healthy-basic-unmet-needs.

It is not likely to help anybody to volunteer to be a victim, or to escalate the conflict through thoughtless emotional outbursts.

It is likely to be helpful to prepare to block escalations of the conflict through more overt forms of domination; by exposing to public view what    Bullies-are-doing-in-covert-ways.


  Be-Together   within   Shalom's Sanctuaries       Discerning through Open-and-Honest-Dialogues      What-IS   and What-is-Not     ESSENTIAL-TO-CIVILITY-AND-TRUE-CIVILIZATIONS!