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The  Sustainability-of-a-Civilization  depends upon the  Sustainability of the realities that play  Core-Roles   within the Lives of the   Predominant-Leaders   
within the Life-of-the-Civilization: e.g.

A. The Honesty, Accuracy and Integrities of the:  Visions, Dreams, Expectations, Assumptions, Attitudes, Reasoning, God-Talk and Duties - - - that play ore-Roles within the Lives of

   Leading-Members of the Crew - - - of the Astronomically  Tiny-and-Isolated   Blue-Spherical-Space-Ship-Earth - - - traveling with one  Average-Star  during its finite-life-time

   within the UNIMAGINABLY: vAST, EMPTY, AND COLD - - - expanding-and-cooling  COSMOS - - - laced by subatomic-cosmic-ray-bullets  that pass readily through mortals' tiny-space-ships 
   and the bodies of the very-small-crews that such   tiny-space-ships   can transport   crews-through nearby-inter-planetary and  near-by-inter-stellar-space.   ("Near-by"  is here

   to be understood to be    "in comparison to typical-inter-stellar-distances    in our parts of   our  Milky-Way-Galaxy.)

B. How  Graciously-and-Helpfully  the  Crew's Predominant-Leaders  work to  Mitigate   THEIR-OWN:   Alienative-Conflicts,  Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception  and their Nations':

   Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes - - - that are  Dedicated to the Concentration of: Wealth, Powers and Means-of-Alieantive-Technologies that are used by Super-Bullies.

C. The Integrities of the  Most-Honest-Reliable-and Sustainable   Objective-and-Reflexive   Systems-Analyses   of the Predominant-Leaders of   Space-Ship-Earth - - - in Augmenting 

   Distributive-Justice  throughout the  Sustainable-Life  of the  Civilization of the  Full-Crew   of all of Space-Ship-Earth.

D. How Prudently-Honestly-and-Accurately the  Predominant-Leaders  of the  Whole-Crew  of all of Space-Ship-Earth - - - deal with the Objective-and-Reflexive Aspects of using the 

   Finite/Limited Material-Resource that exist accessibly within the  Astronomically-Thin  Cooled-Solid-Crust  ( about a dozen kilometers-thick )  that floats on the Red-Hot-"Molten" 

   SPHERE which is about 13,000 Kilometers in diameter.  The volume of the Red-Hot-"Molten" SPHERE  is about a TWO HUNDRED times the volume of the Cooled-Solid-Crust with ALL-COVETED

   accessible  solid-material-resources buried WITHIN-IT.   Thus,  ALL of the ever-available Coveted-Material-Resources could  fit inside  a cube that would be about 140 kilometers on 

   each edge!   Greedy-Mortals will  NEVER  have access to any more significant-material-resources!  WINNING  Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception will NEVER help US ALL!

E. Just How Prudently-Honestly-and-Accurately the Predominant-Leaders of the  Whole-Crew  of all of  Space-Ship-Earth - - - deal with the FACT that once the coveted-accessible solid-material-

   resources that are buried   within Space-Ship-Earth's Solid-Crust - - - have-been-rendered-of-no-more-use    in  Space-Ship-Earth - - - there are effectively no  EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL-
   ACCESSIBLE Solid-Material-Resources   that can in  any  practical-way   be brought to Space-Ship-Earth for-use-here; or used by Millions-of-Mortals where the "accessible"-resources 

   are found    Outside-of-Space-ship-Earth  <===>   EXTRA-TERRESTRIALLY.

F. How Coherently-and-Authentically   The-Whole-Crew of Space-Ship-Earth  TRANSCENDS-AND-LETS-GO  of  THE-VAST-MAJORITY of efforts   TO-WIN   COLLUSIVE-GAMES-

   OF-MUTUAL-SELF-DECEPTION that   are CONCEALING    ALL-KINDS-OF-THREATS    to the Long-Term-Sustainability   of "SPACE-SHIP-EARTH'S" civilization; e.g.  THE-THREATS-OF:

   1. Distributive-Injustice.

   2. Ignoring Inconvenient-Truths-About:

      a. "Endless-Healthy"  Economic  Exponential-Growth,
      b. "Endless-Exponential-Growths" of all other kinds that Consume-Material-Resources - - -
      c. Global-Climate-Changes - - - to which human activities DO-Contribute   In-Measurable-Ways - - -
      d. The Finitude of all the Limited-Material-Resources  which  Mortals-Covet - - -
      e. The Knowable Nature of any real God that Transcends Mortals - - -
      f. The Knowable Nature of Space-Ship-Earth, how it came into existence and how it is likely to cease to be habitable - - -
      g. The Knowable Nature of the Cosmos,  and  how it came into existence and how it is likely to cease to be inhabited by our descendents - - -

   3. Greedy:   Capitalists,  Capitalistic-Corporations and  Capitalistic-Military-Institutions - - - that are Net-Destructive  on a  Global-Scale.

   4. Conflicts which generate/augment  More-Alienation  than they generate/augment: Reconciliation, Cooperation, Collaboration, 
      Coordination, Compassion, Creativity, Consensuses, Communications, Dialogues, Honesty, Listening, Healing, Health-Care, etc.

   5. Ways of Maintaining Healthy Essential Kinds-of-Balance as regards to the following kinds of realities that are relevant to our Civilization's SUSTAINABILITY

      a. Postures in regards to our: Ideological, Spiritual, Objective, Reflexive, Economic, God-Talk and Religious LIVES with each other.
      b. Economic-Lives in facilitating the meeting of the most basic-and-healthy needs of all members of the Crew-of-Space-Ship-Earth.
      c. The irreversible consumption of coveted-pure-material-resources which are accessible to greedy-domineering-people.
      d. Exponential-Growth-Patterns within the NON-EXPANDABLE-VOLUME of Space-Ship-Earth.
      e. Different kinds of healthy and unhealthy "Self-Confidence".
      f. Egocentric Ideologies and Communities that are Isolated/Alienated from each other.
      g. Concentrations of Wealth, Powers, Influence, Technologies, Technocrats, Militants, Domineering-Bullies, Mobbing-Mobsters, Militants, Destructive-Weapons, etc.

   6. The concentrating of all glogal-decision making powers into the hands of   about One-Percent of the wealthest mortals   in a GLOBAL-PLUTOCRACY.  On Nobrmnrt 12, 2010 a
      search of the World-Wide-Web for the word-pair  "Global Plutocracy"  yielded 138,000  "hits".


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