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Self-Centered  Ego-Centric  people  Care-Less  about  other  people's: needs, feelings, hopes, aspirations and perspectives - - -  than they-care  about  their-own  preoccupations.

They are  "care-less" - - - and often behave in ways that  Create-Alienations  and  Alienative-Conflicts - - - without even being aware of the consequences of their "care-less-ness".

To mitigate our own   Alienative-Conflicts   we must learn to  Care-More  about other people's  most-basic-healthy-humane:  needs,  feelings,  hopes,  aspirations,  ideals,  values, 

principles,  commitments,  covenants,  promises,  etc.    By doing so - - - we can reduce our troubles with  alienated-people  around us - - - whom we have harmed by being "care-less"

at their expense; and so at-our-expenses   when there is a major break-down in trust   and so escalations in: suspicions, secrecy, runs-on-banks, economic-collapses, economic-

depressions, terrors, terrorism, terrorists, wars, preparations-for-war, and the honoring of mutually-assured-nuclear-destruction of all of God's Civilization in God's Astronomically 

Tiny-and-Isolated Blue-Spherical-Space-Ship-EARTH.   We are the members of God's-Crew  in  God's Tiny-and-Isolated  <=== WONDERFUL-HELPERS! in an organization 

founded by Dr. Maurice Albertson who lead in the founding of the PEACE-CORP of the United-States-of-America.

Being thoughtlessly "Care-Less" can lead to Major-Consequences! Being More-Caring in Thoughtful-Ways can lead to highly desirable major consequences!
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