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To-the-Extent-That   At-Heart and In-their-Visions - - - people are Domineering-Bullies - - - they are bound to become frustrated by the contrasts between the Anticipated-Pleasures 
of their Unilateral-Visions - - - and the Actual-Outcomes of Unilateral-Actions  - - - outcomes that they did not anticipate were likely to follow from their actions!

Simplistic   Tragic-Visions   that are  Motivated-and-Guided  by Winning-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - are bound to lead WINNERS into Tragically-Frustrating-Outcomes;
no matter how "perfect-the-visions" and no matter how "perfect-the-techniques-and-technocrats"   and   how "great the concentrations of power and wealth".

In the above settings; Alienative-Conflicts   that Generate many forms of Alienations  - - - - are bound to be caused by Domineering-Bullies who DEMAND-THAT:

1. There be Un-welcomed-Intrusions into the lives of the relatively: Poor, Weak, Deprived, Sick, Homeless, Powerless, Vulnerable and Ignorant Members of God's Crew of God's 
   Astronomically Tiny-and-Isolated   Blue-Spherical-Space-Ship-EARTH - - - CONTAINING   the   only significant material resources   that humans can ever use in any gracious way.

2. Demand that through Un-welcomed-Intrusions - - - there be invasive-searches of: Homes, Letters, Electronic-Records, Books, Writings, Personal-Associations, Intimate-Relationships,
   Political-Activities, Religious-Activities, etc.  - - - - in violation of various Constitutional-Guarantees    in order to protect the CONSTITUTION and other Declarations-
   of-Humane-Rights - - - within God's Space-Ship-EARTH - - - because such people    have-been-labeled   as evil-and-traitorous in nature - - - because they are alienated/separated 
   from  the majority of the Most-Successful-Concentrators    of   CORRUPTING   Wealth-and-Powers    of all kinds.

3. The Domineering-Bullies have the UNQUESTIONABLE-RIGHT as: individuals, families, religious-groups, political-coalitions and   Corporate-Coalitions - - - TO:

   (a) Constrain certain people's rights to: communicate-with, be-friends-with, share-intimate-private-times-with, work-with, cooperate-with, coordinate-with - - - unauthorized
       other members of God's-Crew of God's Space-Ship-Earth - - - who have been granted   no rights   by the   Bullies-who-are-in-charge-of-them.

   (b) Define-and-Enforce - - - with   whatever-means-may-be-needed    what-ever-laws-may-be-needed  by the Domineering-Bullies.

   (c) Have unlimited powers to define whatever Exclusive-Rights - - - the Domineering-Bullies  Feel-that-They-Need   in order for them    to be Eternally-Invulnerable.


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