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There is NO SINGLE: Virtue, Ideal, Value, Principle, Ground-for-Hope - - - which in  Alienated-Isolation  can serve as  THE-BASIS for any Sustainable

form of civilization - - - IN-EXCLUSION to all other competators.    - - - What is Essential-to-SUSTAINABILITY is a well integrated FLEXIBLE-SPECTRUM

of Gracious: 

Ideals       Values       Principles      Virtues     and     Grounds-for-Hope  - - -  which are Graciously-Shared  within  Shalom's Sactuaries of LOVE

IN  Open-and-Honest-Intimate-Dialogues - - - about the Most-Basic-Healthy-Needs of ALL of the Crew-Members who are Present within God's Astronomically

Tiny-and-Isolated   Blue-Spherical-Space-Ship-EARTH.    We desperately need to be engaged in Honest-Dialogues about such dynamic-evolving-SPECTRUMS.

The DILEMMA with any Flexible-Evolving-SPECTRUM  is that it is too abstract for most people to deal with - - - in any clear way; yet, nothing-less - - -

will be sustainable!

To the extent that Humans WIN - - - Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - They become Alienated from Each-Other and Alienated-from-God WHO is LOVE Be-Aware and Beware - - - in Gracious-Ways!