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Part of the ALIENATIVE-STRATEGY of DOMINEERING-BULLIES is to ISOLATE-PEOPLE whom they which to control - - - from the following kinds of realities:

New-Ideas        New-Ideals     New-Friends     New-Forms-of-Intimacy       New-Means-for-them-to-Integrate     New-Perspectives    New-Understandings

New-Ways         New-Lovers     New-Truths      Alternative-Perspectives    Travel-to-New-Cultures              Vacations/Rest      New-Books-and-Essays

Sanctuaries-of-Shalom           Integrities     Integrative-Processes       Modalities-of-Thinking              Covenants           Collaboration

Coordination     Understanding  Sexuality       Personal-Integrity          Communal-Integrity                  Generosity          Distributive-Justice 

To the extent that Humans WIN - - - Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception They become Alienated from Each-Other and Alienated-from-God WHO is LOVE Be-Aware and Beware - - - in Gracious-Ways!