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A workshop on Mitigating Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts - - - can helpfully start to generate some consensuses on reliable-behavioral-signs about who 
is most-worthy-of-trust - - - by asking participants to take turns quickly saying five-single-words; each word describing such trust-worthy-behavioral 
signs; repeating previously-said-words - - - to re-affirm them - - - when they wish to do so.  Notes need NOT be taken in this first sharing of suggestions.

The above procedure can then be repeated a second time in light of what everybody had said the first time around; perhaps starting to form a
consensus about the most-trustworthy "Single-Word-Signs" of Trustworthy-Behaviors.

The above procedure can then be repeated additional times which each person offering only-four-words each-time-around; only-three-words each-time-around;
only-two-words each-time-around, etc.   These-times-around consensus-formations   can be augmented   by asking all participants to hold up no hand, one hand 
or two hands when each word is spoken - - - to indicate their level of support for the word just spoken - - - with a count of total-hands-put-up for that 
word.   (With the hand-voting taking place,  there is   no gain   in having   any word repeated   on any one-time-around.)

After the hand voting on one time-around in the above procedures, the words spoken can be rank-ordered according to the total-of-hands-up for each word - - -
before another round where-one-less-word-is-spoken.

Between the above sessions - - - when a rank-ordering process has been completed; it may be helpful to have participants engage in open-and-honest
discussions of why they think some   trust-worthy-behavioral-signs   have-been-inadequately-supported.  It will also be helpful to highlight which 
behavioral-signs  received Majority-Support AND 2/3 Support from the participants; as well as a high priority ranking.   Each measure can be a significant 
signal to be considered in forming a consensus regarding what behaviors are the most-reliable-signals of whom-we-can-safely-trust.

Additional helpful exercises can focus on Two-Word-Signs of Highly-Trust-Worthy-Signs of Trust-Worthy-Behaviors within Diverse-Contexts!

AFTER the above exercises - - - it may be helpful to work on generating-consensuses about generally-NOT-trust-worthy SIMPLE-SIGNS of Who-is-Worthy-of-Trust.

ALL of the above exercises regularly-practiced - - - can be helpful protections against the all-too-often-present ALIENATIVE SIMPLE-NEGATIVE-SIGNS OF 
CONTENTIOUS Feed-Backs regarding the "constitutionally-guaranteed-rights of RICH-AND-POWERFUL-PEOPLE-AND-CORPORATIONS" to "great": Profits, Consolidations, 
Coalitions, Invulnerability, Grid-Lock, and Rancorous-Partisan-Alienative-Conflicts - - - in the absence of any cooperation, collaborations, 
Coordinations, consensus, communal-health, personal-integrities, communal-integrities, healing, personal-reconciliations or communal-reconciliations.

Be-Aware and Beware in Gracious-Ways!
Be Graciously Together in Shalom' Sanctuaries! - - - In Open-and-Honest-Dialogues and Listening-Graciously to Each Other!