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WHEN Technocrats - - - WIN Collusive-Games-of--Mutual-Self-Deception - - - about how to Unilaterally SOLVE TECHNICAL-PROBLEMS

- - - which in their perspectives are at the CORE of Alienative-Human-Dilemmas - - - the Technocrats try to DO-A-GOOD-JOB - - - BUT;

that leads all who are involved/victims - - - into TRAGIC-OUTCOMES; because the Technocrats are NOT: Interested-In, Qualified-For

or Unbiased-Enough to engage in   Systems-Analyses which are thoroughly:  Reflexive,   Objective,   Open,   Honest,  Sensitive, 

Sympathetic, Empathetic and Sustainable - - - for the Whole-Crew of God's Astronomically Tiny-and-Isolated  Spherical-Blue-Space-

Ship-Earth - - - traveling with one Star through God's Cosmos - - - which is Unimaginably: Vast, Empty, Cold and Pervaded by

DEADLY Sub-Atomic-Cosmic-Rays that travel at speeds close to the speed of light - - - able to pass right through humans' Space-Ships.  

Such Technocrats CANNOT be helpful leaders in efforts to Mitigate-Conflicts-which-Generate-Alienations that revolved around:

Distrust    Suspicions    Secrecy       Anger       Resentments      Greed     Hoarding    Alienations     Violence   Coercion

Hate        Crimes        Arrogance     Pretentions Sexual-Abuses    Idolatry  Addictions  Condescendence  Blunders   Tragedies

Extremism   Imbalance     Superiority   Reverence   Intolerance      Blindness Deafness    Insensitivity   Corruption Confusion

            Nobody can be qualified to   Resolve-Reflexive-Dilemmas   As-If    they were Technical-Problems - - - BECAUSE:

(1) No Reflexive-Dilemma-or-Conflict REALLY-IS a  Technical-Problem;   and    Winning Collusive-Games Of-Mutual-Self-Deception about 
    these issues,    Puts-the-WINNERS out-of-touch with the REFLEXIVE-Realities which need to be foci in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues!

(2) Unilateral-Technocratic-"Solution" to Reflexive-Dilemmas/Conflicts - - - WILL-GENERATE-ALIENATIONS that will undermine dialogue.

(3) Linear-Processes cannot be helpfully-substituted for Communal-Cooperative-Processes that involve overall personal-and-communal
    Integration-Processes  - - -  that build upon already Present-Integrities - - - none of which are linear-in-nature.

(4) Technical-Processes  CANNOT-MITIGATE Conflicts  which are   born of Alienations and Augment-Alienations born of narrow-specializations.

(5) Alienated-People   Cannot   Really-Coherently-Resolve   Complex-Technical-Problems  in the   Thoroughly-Integrative-Ways of LOVE.

(6) Concentrations of Wealth, Power and Influence   FREQUENTLY   Block-Efforts   to   Mitigate    Conflicts-that-Generate-Alienations.

(7) Arrogance, Self-Righteousness and Pretenses     FREQUENTLY   Block-Efforts   to   Mitigate    Conflicts-that-Generate-Alienations.

(8) Efforts to Mitigate Conflicts which   Generate-Alienation    are     Frequently-Blocked   by the following   Common-Realities:
Greed       Hoarding    Crimes      Segregation      Isolationism    Biases      Prejudices        Injustice         Punishments

Genocides   Bullies     Mobsters    Invulnerability  Coalitions      Extremism   Imbalance         Unilateralist's->-Egocentric-People

Secrecy     Violence    Coercion    Prescriptions    Proscriptions   Taboos      Excommunications  Exclusivity       Shunnings


                           We will be handicapped in efforts to Mitigate-Our-Own Conflicts-Which-Generate-Alienations - - - 

                                              To the extent that we are Unaware-of; or Confused about:

(A) The   Differences-Between     Reflexive-Dilemmas - -  in-our-Personal-Relationships - -  and - - Technical-Problems    in trying to 
    resolve issues/problems  in fulfilling   Agreed-Upon: Goals, Purposes, Designs, Plans, etc. - - - of a healthy-community that is free 
    of debilitating alieantive-conflicts over Setting-Communal-Priorities.

(B) Prayers, Meditations, Discernment-Processes; Objective-Analyses, Reflexive-Analyses;  Objective-Syntheses,  Reflexive-Syntheses;

    Personal-Integrities, Communal-Integrities; Personal-Integrative-Processes, Communal-Integrative-Processes; Being-Right-Objectively,

    Being-Right-Reflexively; Having-Rights-Objectively, and Having-Rights-Reflexively.

(C) Being-Given-Rights by our Communities;  and  Claiming-Rights-for-Ourselves  in  Egocentric-Unilateral-Ways-Greed.

(D) Sustaining our Own-Personal-Integrities - - - and Defending our Own-Alieantive-Egocentric-Perspectives about   OUR-ABSOLUTE-TRUTH.

(E) Discerning Transcendent Eternal-Process-Patterns - - - and Trying to Eternally-Be-in-Control For-Our-Own-Gain  IN  what-is-happening.

(F) Discerning and Sustaining   Keys to the Long-Term-Communal-Sustainability of Civility-and-Civilization  within God's Astronomically
    Tiny-and-Isolated  Blue-Spherical Space-Ship-Earth - - - Rather than Achieving-for-Ourselves-and-our-Best-Friends - - - Dominance,
    Superiority, Invulnerability, Eternal-Life, Salvation, Redemption, Security, Absolute-Truth, etc.

Be Graciously Together in Shalom' Sanctuaries! - - - In Open-and-Honest-Dialogues and Listening-Graciously to Each Other!