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What essential-foundations of a Long-Term-Sustainable-Civilization - - - are NOT ADEQUATELY embedded within the Constitutions, Bills-of-Rights and Legislation - - - within each nation and/or religious teachings, practices and rituals? - - - Consider the following related realities: Hospitality Generosity Authenticity Clarity Honesty Accuracy Intimacy Empathy Sympathy Patience Tolerance Visions Creativity Humility Mutuality Systematics Mathematics Wholeness Integrity Sharing Prudence Wisdom Meditation Science Modesty Balance Meekness Deference Openness Gentleness Kindness Health Communion Shalom Love Agape Eros Sexuality Brotherhood Segregation It is probably not possible to make any community, city, state or nation - - - - sustainable by embedding any appropriate collection of ideals, values, principles, and grounds for hope - - - within any prescribed-and-enforced set of documents, legislation, teachings and rituals. Coercion in such matters is rarely helpful and/or effective. Assuming that sustainability can be guaranteed with confidence - - - is tragically Foolish-and-Simplistic. Generating healthy-sustainable-communities cannot be guaranteed by Domineering-Bullies, any Economic-System or by the defense of any set of Freedoms-or-Rights that are coveted by: Domineering-Bullies, Addicts, Codependent-Supporters, Powerful-People, Wealthy- People, Alienated-People, etc. Efforts to WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - appeal only to deluded simplistic fools who do not understand what are the foundations of tragedies in all cultures and civilizations. Constitutions and Legislated-Laws do not helpfully Forbid-or-Mitigate Dishonorable and Disintegrative forms of Domineering-Behaviors such as: Greed Distributive-Injustice Deception Arrogance Pretentions Addictions Mutual-Self-Deception-Games Endless-Exponential-Growth-Patterns Consumption Prejudice Biases Bullying Power-Concentrations Wealth-Concentrations Alienation Endless-Economic-Growth-Patterns Excommunications Shunnings Alienative-Conflicts Threats Negativity Cynicism Pessimism Disgust Endless-Contentions-Revenge/Retribution Only Simplistic-Thoughtless-Fools can with straight faces assume and act as if their civilization can long survive with people free to do anything and everything which is permitted in constitutions and legislation. Yet, only Simplistic-Thoughtless-Fools will try to Mitigate Alienative-Conflicts - - - through Refinements in: Constructions, Bills-of-Rights, Legislation and Formal-Definitions of Long-Term-Sustainable Systems-of-Formal: Ethics, Morality and Etiquette.
We need to gather informally into medium sized groups where-it-is-possible to engage in Gracious-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues - - - to generate consensuses: About which Individual ideals, values, principles, virtues and grounds-for-hope are most reliably-trustworthy, worthy of admiration, and safe-guides; and About which Clusters-Of ideals, values, principles, virtues and grounds-for-hope are most reliably-trustworthy, worthy of admiration, and safe-guides; and Imposed Authoritarian-Formal-Structures - - - cannot facilitate-or-augment: Reconciliations Cooperation Collaborations Integrations Sympathy Empathy Creativity Hospitality Generosity Friendships Intimacies Love Agape or Shalom Be Graciously Together in Shalom' Sanctuaries! - - - In Open-and-Honest-Dialogues and Listening-Graciously to Each Other!