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To Mitigate our Own Alieantive Conflicts in Gracious Ways - - - we need to learn how to perceive our own Alieantive Conflicts - - - from the

point of view and the paradigms of the people who are alienatied-from us - - - because they perceive us as Evil-Enemies!  This will not be easy;

especially if we are preoccupied with identifying people and groups of people interms of categories such as:

GOOD     Superior    Inferior    Evil    Traitors    Pure    Impure     Sinful    Immoral     Moral    Profitable   Invulnerable   Secure   Safe


We need to recognize that our core dilemmas pertain to Mutual-Alieantions.   Alienations are never Unilateral!   Alienations are always mutual!

We need to distinguish between Technical-Problems  and Mutual-Alieantions.   Alienations can never be "solved"  unilaterally by anybody!

Dilemmas can be resolved only through behaviors which involve   Mutually-Sought-and-Enjoyed: Reconciliations, Open-and-Honest-Dialogues, 
Communications,  Colaborations,  Coordinations,  Compassion,  Considerations,  Consensuses, Sympathy,   Empathy,  Sensitivity,  Listening,  

Hospitality,  Grace,  Generosity  and  Distributive-Justice - - - in  Long-Term-Sustainable   Globally-Coordinatetd-Life-Styles within God's

Astronomically Tiny-and-Isolatetd   Spherical  Space-Ship-Earth  that is traveling with our Average-Sun-Star through God's Unimaginably:  Vast, 

Expanding, Cold, Empty and Pervaded by Deadly Sub-Atomic-Cosmic-Ray-Bullets traveling near the Speed-of-Light and able to Penetrate all Human-Space-Ships

that can in Practical-Ways  - - -  Venture a small fraction of the distance to the neares star, Alpha Centura which is 4.3 Light-Years-Away = to

4.3 Light-Years x 186,000 MILES/Second x 365 Days/Year x 60 Second/Minute x 60 Minutes/Hour x 24 Hours/Day x 365 Days/Year = 


Be Graciously Together in Shalom' Sanctuaries! - - -  In  Open-and-Honest-Dialogues  and  Listening-Graciously to Each Other!