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What are some   prudent-safe-responses   to people whose behaviors-and-statements contradict-each-other; are incoherent; for example - - -

 1. People-Whose    Behaviors are OVERALL NOT: Trustworthy, Honorable, Admirable, NOR Worthy-of-Reverence.  They lack Integrity - - - in profound ways!

 2. People-Whose    Behaviors are better predictors of future behaviors - - - than are their Statements about their: Beliefs, Ideals, Values, 
    Principles, Virtues or other Reflexive-Aspects of themselves - - - offered in Reflexive-Declarations.   There are Alienative-Conflicts
    between/among their communications and their behaviors - - - as they are understood by other people - - - for whatever reason.   Coherent-Understanding is needed!

We always need to keep in mind that - - - Prudent-Safe-Responses - - -

 A. WILL-NOT Focus  heavily upon asking WHO should be BLAMED as GUILTY.

 B. WILL-FOCUS      graciously upon facilitating and encouraging  Open-and-Honest-Dialogues  - - -  about the"mixed-up" and confusing "signals".

 C. WILL-FOCUS      graciously upon facilitating and encouraging  the Gracious-Mitigation    - - -  of PREOCCUPATIONS    with Questions

    and Technologies designed to Assure  Concentrations  into the hands of Very-Few-People   - - -  of a constantly increasing fraction of all 

    "available" WEALTH, POWER and INFLUENCE.

 D. WILL-FOCUS      graciously upon facilitating and encouraging  the Gracious-Mitigation    - - -  of all FORMS-OF-ALIENATION in all parts of

    God's Astronomically  Tiny-and-Isolated   Spherical   Space-Ship-EARTH  - - - traveling through the Unimaginably-VAST-AND-COLD COSMIC-VOID pervaded

    by Sub-Atomic-Cosmic-Bullets that   will-go-right-through   all  "Practical"   Space-Ships    Far-From-Earth   ever   Made-by-Mortals    from  God's-Earth.


Be Graciously Together in Shalom' Sanctuaries! - - - In Open-and-Honest-Dialogues and Listening-Graciously to Each Other!