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We communicate our viesions of Good-Lives that merit: respect, honor, admiration, emmulation, etc. - - - in diverse ways that include

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Domineering-Bullies,  Mobbing-Mobsters,  Concentraitors-of-Poers,   Concentrators of Wealth  and Winners of Collusive-Games of Mutual-Self-Deception

are bound to object to any communications which expose to public view - - - their own LACKS in regards to respectable, honorabl, admiorable - - -

Authenticity Honesty        Integrity    Grace         Distributive-Justice             Generosity     Hospitality   Openness   Vulnerability   Empathy

Sympath      Sensitivity    Balance      Autuality     Endurance    Sustainance         Sustainability Reverence     Modesty    Humility        Meekness

We can learn much about such people by carefully taking note of the kinds of people whom they mostfear-and-attack - - - for theabovereasons.   Be 

Aware-and-Beware  of people who are   Arrogant,  Self-Righteous and Seek-to-be-Secure  throughy being  Invulonerable-in-Superior-Ways of Domineering-Bullies.

Be Graciously Together in Shalom!