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The United-States'   Bill-of-Rights   and  Internationally-Agreed-Upon   Declarations of Human-Rights   ACT-TO-MITIGATE - - - -
Domineering-Bullies  Presumed-"Rights"  to  Coerce-People into   saying,   overtly or implicitly,   what they believe to be false and/or misleading;
to say what they do not want to say,  or to   answer misleading-questions  with a "YES", "NO" or  EQUIVALENT-WORD - - - - when doing so would be
dishonest and/or misleading in disintegrative ways.  

With only very rare exceptions - - -  we ALL have the Right-to-Remain-Silent - - - whenever we wish to remain silent, no matter what anybody else says, does, or asks for!

Communication-Rights include the Right-to-Remain-Silent;  ESPECIALLY when attempting to say anything  - - - is-likely-to-compromise:  
TRUTH and/or other intimately related virtues - - - BEAUSE PEOPLE WHO ARE PRESENT, OBJECT to others-around-them  - - - NOT-JOINING
in-playing their-disintegrative Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception -> -> -> that end in being OUT-OF-TOUCH-WITH-REALITY!

BEHAVIORS which undermine our Most-Basic-Communication-Rights - - - are BEHAVIORS which do not merit our: Tolerance, Respect, Admiration, Honor or Support. Be Graciously Together in Shalom!