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We can be  mutually-together  in-shalom's-sanctuaries - - - enjoying  demonstrations/affirmations   of

Shared   Integrities-and-Integrations-Processes - - - 

Only to the Extent   that we are  Together-in-Agreeing-Upon the most basic/essential  coherent-

principles regarding how we can Protect-Each-Other's     Integrities-and-Integration-Processes  - - - - -

                               In Gracious-Ways  that  are   Over-All   In-The-Long-Term:

Balanced        Mutually-Agreed-Upon           Kind               Empathetic       Sympathetic        Sensitive          Generous

Hospitable      Reciprocal     Transparent     Healing            Reconciling      Honorable          Admirable          Authentic
Honest          Coherent       Accurate        Humble             Modesty          Sustainable        Responsive         Thoughtful

Informed        Respected      Accepted        Honored            Reciprocally-and-Tolerantly         TRULY-IN-LOVE's    Shalom

                               For the above reasons we need to mitigate OUR:

Alienations     Arrogance      Pretentions     Violence           Coercions        Tortures           Punishments        Revenge
Attacks         Negations      Polarizations   Dichotomies        Anger            Isolations         Prisons            Genocides      

H-Bombs         Excommunications               Shunnings          Banishments      Exclusivity        Conflicts          Wars     

Terrorism       Rejections     Egocentricity   Exclusivity        Rejections       Egocentricity      Disagreements      Contentions

Greed           Hoarding       Excesses        Coveting           Concentrations   Mansions           Luxuries           Battles
Contests        Oppositions    Imbalances      Fears              Anxieties        Dis-Ease           Sicknesses         Poverty

Slums           Prejudices     Biases          Invulnerability    Superiority      Pretentions        Absurdities        Collusions

Deceptions      Ignorance      Confusion       Forgetfulness      Segregations     Superiority        Invulnerability    Defenses

                               How else can we enjoy the Essential-Changes?

Be Graciously Together in Shalom!