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To facilitate participants getting to know each other personally within a Workshop on Mitigating our Own Alienative-Conflicts, at the very beginning of the workshop

the facilitator may ask participants to sit in a big circle facing the center of the circle; and therein have a sheet of paper on which to make personal notes to facilitate

these procedures.

 1. Make and wear a NAME TAG so all participants can associate names with whole persons.

 2. Spend a few minutes listing on their paper one, two or three   word  long-descriptions   of   admirable/honorable:   ideals, values, principles, virtues, grounds-for-hope, etc. to be shared.

 3. Pick three of those descriptions to be shared in an initial sharing time, taking turns going around the circle, and reading out-loud just those three brief descriptions - - - even if previously offered.

 4. Each participant jot down in a separate place on paper, the descriptions with-which-they agree-strongly;    as being truly admirable/honorable    with rare exceptions.

 5. When all participants have made their contributions, they can take a few minutes to mark written descriptions with a 3, 2, 1   to indicate there-own   High, Medium, and Lower trust in them in isolation.

 6. Going around a second time participants contribute   three    of their most highly trusted descriptions    in hand,    whether or not they have  been previously offered during this go-around.  

 7. Participants make check-marks to record the numbers of times when others in this round have affirmed a description which is already in their list in any way.  Brief-Discussions of perspectives can be helpful.

 8. After the above procedures, those involved should cooperate in making an comprehensive listing of already-honored    descriptions;   with room on the list    for further affirmations to be made 
    by the participants     placing-their-initials    beside entries   to indicate that they view the chosen descriptions  - - - as pertaining to a truly   admirable/honorable   personal   "trait".>/i>
Variations in the above procedures can always be generated by cooperative people - - - to get to know each other better,   and to better generate gracious consensuses regarding what ideals, values,
principles, virtues, grounds-for-hope, etc. - - - are truly honorable with rare exceptions.

In  similar ways it can be helpful to generate gracious consensuses regarding: vices, character-flaws, and troubling and/or Alienative  behavioral patterns  that present threats to personal and communal 
integrations and integrities as regards:   health,   civility,   civilization   and our   abilities to sustain-them   in-the-long-term.

In similar ways it can be helpful to generate gracious consensuses regarding small-clusters of ideals, values, principles, virtues, grounds-for-hope, etc.   which in-combination are truly
admirable/honorable - - - when some of the constituent members-of-a-cluster are not    individually    admirable/honorable  in some particular circumstances.

The above can be enduring processes - - - that will contribute significantly to sustaining  long-term-healthy   communities and individual lives.

Be Graciously Together in Shalom!