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The Mitigation-of-Conflicts that Generate-Alienation  ( Alienative-Conflicts ) 
will  be greatly facilitated   by True-Lovers   who are able   to graciously:

 1. Imagine the: frames-of-mind, attitudes, assumptions, fears, anxieties, terrors,  perceptions, 
    perspectives, desires, paradigms and Collusive-Games of Mutual Self Deception of:

    a. Domineering-Bullies,
    b. Mobbing-Mobsters,
    c. Concentrators of Wealth and Powers,
    d. Winners of Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception,
    e. Technocrats,
    f. Criminals,
    g. Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes,
    h. Multinational Corporations and their CEO's,
    i. Religious and Political Extremists,
    j. Leaders of Conflicts that Generate Alienations,
    k. True-Lovers being-together in Shalom's Gracious-Sanctuaries,
    l. People seeking to Mitigate-Alienative-Conflicts.

                         AND THEN

 2. Help those who are Seeking-to-Mitigate their-own Alienative-Conflicts - - - to

    a. Perceive-Clearly the "logic" of those people who are enmeshed in Alienative-Conflict - - - 
       as perceived from within their perspectives.

    b. See the situations - - - also as do True-Lovers who are being graciously-together 
       within Shalom's Gracious-Sanctuaries.

    c. Expose to Public-View the natures of the UNSUSTAINABLE Life-Styles, Ideals, Values,  Principles, Virtues and 
       Grounds-for-Hope  - - - of people who are enmeshed within Conflicts-which-Generate-Alienations.

    d. Help  most people  to envision ways of making Helpful-Transitions out of their enmeshments - - - 
       into Being-Together within the Gracious-Sanctuaries of Shalom - - - without many significant 
       Alienative-Conflicts around them.

Be Graciously-Together in Shalom's-Sanctuaries! Be Graciously-Engaged in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues!