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In order to Lay-FOUNDATIONS for Mitigating-our-Own   Conflicts-that-Generate-Alienations - - - we need to attend
to the challenges that exist in any effort to Build-Trust in our Reflexive-Personal-Relationships - - - Locally-and-
Globally - - - in the Long-Term.  (  Alienative-Conflicts   are   Conflicts-that-Generate-Tragic-Alienations.  )

Laying-FOUNDATIONS comes first; and must be coordinated with plans to build upon those initially laid FOUNDATIONS.

We must keep in mind what the FOUNDATIONS must be able to SUSTAIN US-ALL in the Long-Term; in the face of the coming
Major-Environmental-Changes - - - now anticipate due to  VERY-WELL-INFORMED   EXPECTED  CHANGES  in GLOBAL: Climates, 
Temperatures, Ocean-Levels, Storms, Earth-Quakes, Tsunamis, Volcanic-Activity, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Flooding,
Water-Shortages, Oil-Shortages, Natural-Gas-Shortages, Coal-Shortages and UNSUSTAINABLE   Exponential-Growths in:
Populations, Per-Capita-Per-Year-Consumption, Garbage, Pollution, Alienations, Contentiousness, and Alienative-Conflicts
 - - - within God's Astronomically-Tiny  Spherical-Space-Ship-Earth within God's Unimaginably: Vast, Empty, Cold
and Dangerous  Cosmic-Ray-Laced   expanding   COSMOS  of: Stars, Planets, Moons, Asteroids,  Star-Clusters, 
Galaxies, and Galactic-Clusters  - - -  NONE-OF-WHICH CAN-BE-CONTROLLED   by    us   of   God's-Space-Ship-Earth.

We can Build-Trust in our Personal-Relationships only as we: Cooperate, Collaborate and Coordinate our efforts
to Build-Trust in each other's Authentic-Commitments-to-and-Covenants-Regarding  Coherent-Clusters of Mutually-
Complementary-and-Supportive: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues and Grounds-for-Hope.

Our Personal-and-communal Relationships - - - cannot be Coherently-Sustainable For-Long - - - if we have 
INTERNALIZED within us-and/or our communities - - - Alienative-Conflicts Within and/or Among CONFLICTING: 
Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues and Grounds-for-Hope - - - such as:


GREED      HOARDING     Perfection       Purity-Unity-AND-Peace     Loyalty    Profits       Invulnerability  Stability

Security   Safety       Economic-Growth      Consumption-Growth     Control    Predictability   Obedience     Dominance

Orthodoxy  Conformity   Winning-Conflicts    Controlling-Conflicts  Winning-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception

Certainty  Superiority  Eternal-Life         Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes      Simple-Religious-Beliefs


It is not Safe-to-Trust:  People, Families, Tribes, Coalitions, Gangs, Mobs, Organizations and/or Corporations who have

Thoughtlessly-Internalized and Committed-Themselves-to-Affirming-and-Demonstrating Loyalty-Unto: Conflicting-Sets-Of:

Goals    Plans     Life-Styles    Ideals    Values     Principles   Virtues and Grounds-for-Hope - - - Individually 

And/Or Corporately within Communities-of-Like-People.  Individuals and Communities that are NOT:  Coherent, Cooperative,

Coordinated, Collaborative, Authentic,  and Regularly-Engaged in Open-and-Honest Listening-and-Dialogue - - - Are-Not-

WORTHY-of-TRUST;  Trustworthy!  They cannot engage in: Coherent, Reliable, Sustainable, Open-and-Honest, Objective-and-

Reflexive Systems-Analyses - - - Regarding all present Threats-to-Trust and Long-Term-Sustainability!     Be-Aware and 

Beware-of-such-Threats - - - especially when they are HIDDEN by WINNERS of Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - -

BECAUSE-OF-HOW ALIENATION  Is-Central  in all of   the   above   threats   WITHIN   Concentrations-of-Wealth-and-Powers.

We need to take-careful-care in-dealing-with Calls-to-Avoid  particular  Kinds-of-Risks-and-Dangers. DO-SO In-Coordination

with Taking-Careful-Care to Deal-With the   All-Pervasive-Risks   of   Personal-and-Communal   forms of ALIENATION-From

Mutually-Complementary-and-Supportive Sets-of:  Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Grounds-for-Hope and Ultimate-Goals.

We cannot be Coherently: Cooperative-Collaborators in Coordinated, Thoughtful and Informed RESPONSES to New-Threats to

our: Integrative-Processes, Present-Integrities, and Sustainability - - - if we are ALIENATED from Our-Selves and/or

from Each-Other Person   and/or Community   that is "different"   in ways   which "threaten" US in our fear-full postures!

We need to Detect-Early   Real-Threats   and Be-Engaged-In   Informed-and-Thoughtful-Dialogues  about   Real-Threats due

to our internalized  Incoherent-and-Conflicting:  Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues and Grounds-for-Hope.  They are the

origins of our   Destructive-Tragedies   that are rooted in    Commitments-to-Simplistic-Idealism    that is lacking in: 

Information, Thoughtfulness, Sympathy, Empathy, Sensitivity, Listening, Hospitality, Generosity and Mutual-Acceptance - - 

within:  Individuals, Families, Tribes, Gangs, Neighborhoods, Villages, Cities, States, Churches, Nations, Corporations,

and the  Whole-Crew  of God's  Astronomically  Tiny-and-Isolated  Spherical-Space-Ship  EARTH  traveling as it is through

God's unimaginably: Large,  Empty,  Cold  and  Dangerous   COSMOS!  Beware of ALIENATION in all of ALIENATION's forms!

It is tragic when any personal-integrity or well-integrated intimate-personal-relationship or set of intimate-personal-
relationships - - - is NOT-SUSTAINABLE - - - because of Domineering-Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters being threatened by their
presence within their communities-of-domination and unilateral-actions which generate-alienations!

In such circumstances and situations, there are likely to be present some hidden Alienative-Conflicts due to Greedy-People 
WINNING Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception which leave the WINNERS OUT-OF-TOUCH with the gracious ways of Shalom and 
OUT-OF-TOUCH with gracious ways of Mitigating-Conflicts-which-Generate-Alienation in tragic ways that are guided and 
motivated by Simplistic-Ideologies of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters who are motivated-and-guided by deep-seated
and un-informed: fears, ignorance, prejudices, anxieties and terrors.


The Laying-of-Foundations for Mitigating-Conflicts which generate ALIENATION - - - can be done helpfully only to the extent that the people
involved are Authentically-Committed-to and are Demonstrating-Commitments to - - - Clusters of Mutually-complementary and Mutually-
Supportive: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues and Grounds-for-Long-Term-Hope - - - in SUSTAINABLE-WAYS.

To the extent that people are involved in IN-COHERENTLY affirming the following kinds of: activities and/or ideals, values, principles, 
and grounds-for-hope - - - which TRAGICALLY lead people into the following  DISINTEGRATIVE and ALIENATIVE kinds of activities - - -
to that extent - - - people cannot helpfully be involved in Laying-Authentic-Foundations for the Mitigation of Conflicts that Generate-Alienations;

1. Concentrating Wealth-and-Powers into the hands of few people- - - in ways that Systematically-Deprive Far-More-People of DISTRIBUTIVE-JUSTICE 
   - - - AFFIRMED by All-Enduring-Teachings about Distributive-Justice by the Founders of the World's most pervasive Religions.

2. Playing-to-WIN   Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - which undermine the SUSTAINABILITY of Civilization within God's Astronomically
   Tiny-and-Isolated   Spherical Space-Ship-Earth - - - traveling through the  UNIMAGINABLY:  VAST, COLD, EMPTY and DANGEROUSLY-LACED with Near-Speed-of-Light
   bullets - - - that easily pass clear through Space-Ships-From-Earth and damage human bodies through which they pass on the way through.  There is far less
   accessible extra-terrestrial material resources OUT-THERE than in the exceedingly-thin ( about 10 miles = 16 kilometers thick ) cooled-crust 
   of EARTH floating on the UNIMAGINABLY-RED-HOT interior of EARTH that is 8,000 miles = 12,800 kilometers in diameterGod's Tiny Space-Ship-EARTH.

4. To what Coherent and Mutually-Complementary Clusters-of: Ideals, Values, Principles and Grounds-for-Enduring-Hope - - - does God call us to be committed
   in words-and-deeds?   What Conflicts Which-Generate-Alienations - - - does God Call-us-to Let-Go-Of and To-Avoid - - - to Mitigate-Alienation?

Be Graciously-Together in Shalom's-Sanctuaries! Be Graciously-Engaged in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues!