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We are in deep trouble - - - if we cannot describe human-behaviors and/or do not describe 
and engage in open-and-honest dialogues - - - regarding human human-behaviors that are:  

Admirable     Honorable     Coherent      Honest      Cooperative    Empathetic         Sympathetic

Collaborative  Coordinated   Long-Term-Sustainable     Trust-Worthy   Well-Integrated    Sustainable


        We are not-likely to be-able to enjoy being-together in intimate and healthy

Families    Personal-Relationships        Economies        Worship = Worth-Ship-Services

Objective-and-Reflexive-Systems-Analyses                   Mitigations-of-alienative-Conflicts

Environmental-Preservation-Collaborative-Work              Long-Term Sustainable-Civilizations


While do need to Affirm-Humane-Behaviors   that  Truly-Merit-Affirmations - - - we also need to recognize, describe,

and be engaged in open-and-honest-dialogues  about  In-Humane-Behaviors  which  undermine-and-mitigate  the presence of

the   Humane-Behaviors   which  Truly-Merit-Affirmations.  That which is  ABSENT  is far too often  NOT-RECOGNIZED  as

pointing to:  risks,  hazards,  dangers,  threats - - -  upon-which  attention needs to be focused openly-and-honestly.

Pray-Together that we may be humane, by heeding the above suggestions - - - in   thoughtful and timely   ways-of-love.

A civilization is NOT-SUSTAINABLE - - - to the extent that the people within the civilization are NOT-ACTIVELY-ENGAGED 

in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues  - - -  about the  Long-Term-Costs  - - - to the   Integrity-of-the-Civilization   of:

Greed     Hoarding    Alienative-conflicts    Dishonesty     Pretense    Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception

Arrogance Self-Righteousness   Addiction      Alienations    Excommunications    Shunnings    Banishments   Prisons

                                Be Graciously-Together  in Shalom's-Sanctuaries!

                              Be Graciously-Engaged in  Open-and-Honest-Dialogues!