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Usually - - - people are more willing to discover isolated-individual-people that are: sick, unhealthy, diseased,
hungry, neurotic and/or alienated - - - - than they are ready to recognize that their COMMUNITY-AS-A-WHOLE is
      Sick          Unhealthy          Diseased         Hungry          Neurotic         or         Alienated - - -

and is regularly sharing-those-realities with the most-vulnerable-individual-people who are present within the community.

The above tragic-realities manifest themselves within-communities in-different-ways - - - than within-individuals - - -

even though there are similarities in the manifestations that can be recognized by well-informed and thoughtful people.

It will be more:  prudent, wise, balanced and sustainable - - - to function in terms of Conceptual-Paradigms within which

we acknowledge that our tragic-realities flow roughly-equally back-and-forth between individuals-and-communities - - -

with due consideration given to the differences between/among them all; and consideration is given to how our tragic-

realities are manifested differently within our various contexts: ideologically, conceptually, culturally, economically,

politically, religiously, militarily, corporately, technologically, scientifically, reflexively, objectively, etc.

THINK! Be Graciously-Together in Shalom's-Sanctuaries! Be Graciously-Engaged in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues!