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The "PERSONALITY" of any one person is not an isolated-reality - - - determined alone by the person herself-or-himself
- - - apart from the community around the person.

"PERSONALITY" flows from personal-relationships and personal-intimacies - - - which are never under the full control of any
one person - - - because such control is inherently-impossible.

Communities create persons and personalities - - - as much as persons create personalities.  Responsibility is a 
communal-distributive-reality - - - as much as responsibility is a personal reality.

Much of "personality" depends upon how well, prudently, graciously and intentionally a community-as-a-whole: receives,
responds-to, affirms and tolerates:

Creativity    Visions    Dreams    Fantasies   Communications   Affirmations    Protests    Descriptions    Criticisms

of Integrative-Authentic-People who are NOT:  conformists, submissive, compliant and/or enslaved.

The "Personalities-of-Communities-as-Whole-Realities" and of Persons within such Whole-Realities - - - ECHO-EACH-OTHER
as: Gracious, Thankful, Appreciative, Creative; or Grumpy, Contentious, Demanding, Domineering, Coercive; or as  TOLERANT
of Diverse-Forms of Integrities in: Descriptions, Persons, Intimacies and Humane-Responses.


How can a truly SUSTAINABLE-HEALTHY-COMMUNITY helpfully-encourage people within the community to live-within Sustainable-
Life-Styles that affirm in words and deeds - - - Long-Term-Sustainable:  Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Grounds-For-
Hope, etc.

                  By engaging in cooperative-gracious-efforts to help all people who are present within the community to:

                  Mitigate Their-Own:

                  1. Alienative-Conflicts,

                  2. Patterns-of-Alienations,

                  3. Patterns of Distrust and Suspicions,

                  4. Patterns of Greed and Hoarding,

                  5. Tolerance towards Distributive-Injustice,

                  6. Tolerance toward Diseases  Among-Poor-Vulnerable-Peoples,

                  7. Tolerance toward Ignorance Among-Poor-Vulnerable-Peoples,

                  8. Tolerance toward Prejudices Regarding Poor-Vulnerable-Peoples.


                 Be Graciously-Together  in Shalom's-Sanctuaries!

                Be Graciously-Engaged in  Open-and-Honest-Dialogues!