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A civilization is NOT-ROBUSTLY-SUSTAINABLE in the absence of any of the following Essential-Elements of SUSTAINABILITY;
as all-of-them are Essential-to-Long-Term-Sustainability:

1. Broad-Consensuses about Essential-Complementary-and-Supportive: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues and Grounds for
   Hope; perceive as a Well-Integrated-Whole-Set.

2. Leaders who have the Demonstrated-Capacity-and-Will to recognize what Essential-Realities are-absent or are-in-
   decline - - - and so the Leaders SOUND-ALARMS in gracious-and-helpful-ways.

3. Leaders who keep their emphasis upon making-and-demonstrating-AFFIRMATIONS; thus avoiding becoming preoccupied with:
   negations, denigrations, contentiousness, polarizations, dichotomies, controls, coercions, violence, etc.

4. Leaders who understand sustainability and have the capacity-and-will to work to help others appreciate and support
   a comprehensive view of most of the essential-foundations of sustainable-civilizations.

5. Leaders who understand how the essential-foundations of sustainability can be gradually: undermined, enfeebled, 
   discredited, decayed, forgotten, neglected, etc. - - - and know what to do, how to do it, and have a will to do it
   - - - to reverse such disintegrative-processes within-the-framework-of coherent conceptual-paradigms-and-ways of
   understanding-and-mitigating the realities-noted-at-the-beginning-of-this-essay.

6. Each significant-meaningful decision involves balancing competing calls for us to spend: time, money, resources, 
   attention and our lives - - - in diverse ways.  No significant-meaningful decision is only a "yes" or a "no"
   response to one isolated: question, command, demand, injunction, expectation, etc.  We have WON a Collusive-Game-
   of-Mutual-Self-Deception if we believe and/or act otherwise;  and so are Out-Of-Touch-With-Reality in Deadly-Ways!

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