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The Long-Term-Sustainability of each Civilization depends upon the FREQUENCIES of the presence and/or absence 
of activities (among the people present) - - - wherein the focus is upon some, but not others, of the following as 

                                   Clear-Intentions  and/or  as Hidden-Intentions:

Mitigating Alienative-Conflicts.                             Profiting from Alienative-Conflict$.

Augmenting Cooperation, Colaboration and Coordination.       Repre$$ing Cooperation, Colaboration and Coordination.

Facilitating and encouraging: Open and Honest Dialogues.     Repre$$ing and Discouraging: Open-and-Hone$t-Dialogue$.

Facilitating and encouraging: Distributive-Justice for all.  Undermining and Eliminating Di$tributive-Justice for most.

Letting-Go of   Presumed-Personal-Invulnerability.           Coveting and Clinging to   Pre$umed-Per$onal-Invulnerability.

Letting-Go of   Greed, Getting "MORE" and HOARDING.          Affirming    Greed, Getting "MORE" and HOARDING.

Letting-Go of   Collusive-Games of Mutual-Self-Deception.    WINNING mo$t Collusive-Game$-of-Mutual-$elf-Deception.

Mitigating Alienative: Dishonesty, Violence and Coercion.    Augmenting   Alienative: Di$honesty, Violence and Coercion.

Mitigating Alienative: Arrogance and Pretentions.            Augmenting   Alienative Arrogance and Pre$ention$.

Affirming Healthy: Intimate-Personal-Relationships.          Undermining  Healthy: Intimate-Per$onal-Relation$hip$.

Being Honest about Depletions of Scarce-Material-Resources.  Di$hone$ty   About    Depletion$ of $carce-Material-Resource$.

Affirming Balance-and-Mutuality in all Human-Relationships.  Undermining  Balanced-Mutuality in Mo$t-Human-Relationship$.

Being Humble-and-Modest within all Human-Relationships.      Profiting through   Arrogance, Domination and Bullying.

Being Hospitable and Kind as often as that is possible.      Profiting through   Greed and  Coercive Behavior-Pattern$.

Being Gracious-Reconcilers and Diplomats in tense times.     Profiting through   Unilateral-A$$ertive: Planning-and-Behavior$.

Cooperating in Disciplined Integrative-Systems-Analyses.     Leading in   De$tructive-Coalition$ of Bullie$ and Mob$ter$.

Affirming/Honoring Integrative-Processes  and  Integrities.  Undermining  Integrative-Proce$$e$  and  Pre$ent-Integritie$.

Mitigating Exponential-Growth-Patterns in Space-Ship-Earth.  Augmenting Exponential-Growth-Pattern$ within $pace-$hip-Earth.

Clarifying Comprehensive-Perspectives of Space-Ship-Earth.   Ob$curing  Comprehensive-Per$pective$ of Tiny $pace-$hip-Earth.

Transcending & Letting-Go of Mutually-Exclusive Intentions.  Augmenting Mutually-Exclusive  Intention$,  Plan$ and De$ire$.

Mitigating Preoccupations with Personal-Superiority/Powers.  Augmenting Preoccupation$ with Per$onal-$uperiority/Power$.

Mitigation Preoccupations with Personal-Invulnerability.     Augmenting Preoccupation$ with Per$onal-Invulnerability.


The Long-Term Non-Sustainable aspects of the realities that are implicit in the above realities - - - will become clear to
and be addressed   by the Crew of   God's Astronomically   Tiny-and-Isolated   Space-Ship-Earth - - -

Only-to-the-extent - - -  that in Cooperative-and-Gracious-Ways - - -

They   affirm-and-demonstrate    true-committments    to    being-togther  engaged-in:


   Open-and-Honest Dialogues about all of their most Essential  Healthy-Needs-and-Desires.

   Dealing Openly-and-Honestly with    Actual-Known-Uppper-Limits - - - upon possible-amounts-of-coveted

   Pure-Available-Material-Resources   That are inside the relatively-thin  Cooled-Solid-Crust  On-a-RED-HOT-CORE   of

   God's Astronomically    Tiny-and-Isolated   Spherical-Space-Ship-Earth  - - -  Traveling with its Star - - -

   Through God's Cosmos  which is UNIMAGINABLY: VAST, COLD, EMPTY and DANGEROUS, due to the PERVASIVE-FLOW

   OF Near-Speed-of-Light  Cosmic-Ray-Bullets  of  sub-atomic-particles  that can easily penetrate our Extra-Terrestrial

   Tiny-Space-Ships'   Thin-Skins  - - -  to pass through the bodies of their occupants on Long-Round-Trips to the moon,

   and just-maybe - - - as far as Mars; but not to other solar-systems  around-stars  outside-of-our  own-solar-system!


   Forming extensive-consensuses about the many Mutually-Complementary Essential-Foundational: Ideals, Values, Principles,

   and Grounds-for-Hope - - - of all sustainable civilizations that may exist within God's-Cosmos - - - as Well-Informed

   and Well-Integrated Healthy  People-and-Communities   who recognize God's  Whole-Cosmos as Far-More-Understandable than

   The-Cosmos seemed-to-be in the distant-past.


   Forming Pervasive-Consensuses about the Nature-of-the-Alienative-Conflicts between/among our Mutually-Incompatible - - -

   Dreams, Visions, Fantasies, Desires, Hopes, Expectations, Demands, Commands, Techniques, Technologies, Ideals, Values,

   Principles and Grounds-for-Hope - - - which cannot all be sustainable.


   Forming Pervasive-Consensuses about the kinds of behaviors of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters - - -

   which come close to advocating the Violent-Overthrow of our Constitutional-Rights to Freedoms of Open-and-Honest-
   Communications - - - in diverse ways of making Coherent-Affirmations - - - that facilitate-and-support both personal-

   and-communal forms - - - of integrations-and-present-integrities.  (Dishonest-Communications are NOT well-protected!)

   Honesty about these considerations - - - is essential to the SUSTAINABILITY of our civilization!


                                  Be Graciously-Together  in Shalom's-Sanctuaries!

                                Be Graciously-Engaged in  Open-and-Honest-Dialogues!