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To   Become-Able   to  Graciously-Mitigate   Our-Own   Destructive   Alienative-Conflicts   we need to:

1. Let-Go of  our  Preoccupations  with  Our-Own:

   a. "Invulnerability" in Unilateral-Actions.
   b. Being "Superior-People"   in   Isolation.
   c. Being "Properly-Conformed-People"  in  Isolation.
   d. "Loyalty-and-Purity"  in   Winning   our own  Conflicts.
   e. "Being-in-Control"   of  our own   Personal-Relationships  and  Isolated-Processes.

2. Graciously-and-Patiently:

   a. Be-Together  in  Building-New-Sanctuaries  for  Intimate-Relationships.
   b. Discern  well -- Other's Most-Essential Healthy-Needs.
   c. Respond  well to Other's Most-Essential-Healthy Needs.
   d. Engage in  Open and Honest  Dialogues about our Most-Essential-Healthy-Needs.
   e. Build Cooperative-Patterns of Mutual Trust-and-Understanding.
   f. Integrate  Cooperative Behaviors-and-Actions.
   g. Offer  Mutual Acceptance,  Hospitality  and  Generous Help.
   h. Accept each others' Integrative-Initiatives.
   i. Accept diverse forms of Personal-Integrities.
   j. Accept diverse forms of Communal-Integrities.
   k. Focus upon Cooperative/Collaborative Affirmations and Behaviors
   l. Listen to others entrapped in Alienative-Conflicts-and-Needs.

3. Let-Go of   Competition   as   the-key-to:

   a. Making our civilization sustainable.
   b. Dealing with the finitude of material resources in God's Astronomically Tiny Space-Ship-Earth.
   c. Dealing with strangers whom we do not understand and/or trust.
   d. Discovering  our most trustworthy neighbors whom we have not yet met and/or engaged in dialogues.
   e. Creativity,  Integrations and/or  Personal-and-Communal  Integrities.

4. Learn to recognize that to-the-extent-that a significant fraction of our community - - - believes the following
   myths; our community has WON a Tragically-Destructive  Collusive-Game-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - such as:

   a. Long-Term Exponential-Growth in Material-Resource-Consumptive-Activities - - - are each a Good-Sign of a 
      Healthy-Sustainable-Economy and of a Superior-Life-Style and Civilization.

   b. Whenever we run out of an Essential-Pure-Material-Resource within God's Astronomically-Tiny-and-Essentially-
      Isolated Space-Ship-Earth - - - we can go mine that resource on nearby-accessible: moons, asteroids, planets 
      and solar systems.
   c. "Science and Technology" can resolve all temporary difficulties with resource-scarcity to meet our needs.

   d. We as the Superior-Economy-and-Civilization  - - - can resolve-to-our-advantage - - - each Alienative-Conflict
      which we encounter in God's Space-Ship-Earth - - - ( in  long-term  sustainable ways ).


                                  Be Graciously-Together in Shalom's-Sanctuaries!

                                Be Graciously-Engaged in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues!