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              Can a "superior-person" be our "unilater-savior" who "compensates" for our own personal:

Greed         Poverty     Weaknesses    Vulnerabilities    Addictions        Alienations    Depression    Arrogance

Sins          Confusions  Ignorance     Isolation          Invulnerability   Domination     Violence      Dishonesty

Pretentions   Collusions  Defenses      Distrust           Suspicions        Conflicts      Failings      Stumbles

                          While Achieving the COMPENSATIONS in UNILATERAL-WAYS?

Can an "outside" to our relationships with other people, fix our defective-personal-relationships by virtue of their
"superior-powers" - - - without our playing any essential role in "fixing" our defective-personal-relationships?  

If so, how is that different from what  DOMINEERING-BULLIES  CLAIM-TO-BE-ABLE-TO-DO?

CAN "SALVATION" and/or "REDEMPTION" save an isolated-person  as-an-isolated-person;  rather than help us save our defective-relationships - - - by helping us to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts?

Is it more helpful to focus upon individual-persons-in-isolation; than focus upon defective-personal-relationships-of

Are the relevant "defects" located within-isolated-persons; or are the "defects" located within relationships-among-
persons?   What are the natures of the "defects" that need to be "addresses"?

How can the "effects"most helpfully be:  "addressed", "fixed", "corrected", "mitigated", "redeemed", "made-standard",
"made-proper", "made-conventional", "made-to-conform-to-propriety", etc.

Who can have the power to deal helpfully with "defective" personal-relationships?

 1. Participants?                 4. Experts?                  7. Elected-Officials?

 2. Non-Participants?             5. Powerful-Authorities?     8. Gods?

 3. Superior-Powerful-People?     6. Technocrats?              9. Spirits?

Essential to Objective-and-Reflexive   Systems-Analyses   are the processes of framing and asking
New-Kinds-Of-Questions - - - - about realities that have long been ignored and/or treated as "taboo".

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