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A discussion with a technically competent frind about the "substance" of the focus of the above-web-page - - - led through subconscious processes to the following evolution from the already written next paragraph. THEN, in the course the day during which this essay was being prepared for upload to - - - - the writer happened to come across and watch, a wonderful TV presentation of the opera "Armida" which is quite relevant to the contents of this essay; as this essay offers ways to transcend being stuck in eternal-alienative-conflicts between JUST-TWO ULTIMATELY IMPORTANT and Mutually-Exclusive-ALTERNATIVES - - - Upon-Which-People-MUST-FOCUS much-attention. Look at the two links below pertaining to the opera Armida - - - at the very bottom of this web page. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Domineering-Bullies advance their Egocentric-Efforts to Concentrate-Powers-and-Wealth in many ways - - - including the use and abuse of written: Rules, Regulations, Laws, Doctrines, Confessions, Rituals, Routines, Traditions and Demands. Domineering-Bullies' Primary-Missions are INCOMPATABLE-WITH: Creative, Imaginative and Integrative Individual-Differences - - - between/among True-Lovers, Loving-Neighbors and/or Other-Different-People who are COMMITTED-TO: Mitigating Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts and - - - by Graciously-Facilitating: Cooperations, Colaborations, Coordinations, Communications and Reconciliations within the Gracious-Sanctuaries of SHALOM in LOVE. Thus, such "inconvenient" Individual-Differences are Ignored and/or are Suppressed By-Domineering-Bullies - - - in order FOR-THEM to deal more adequately with THEIR-PRIMARY-GREEDY-MISSIONS of: Concentrating-Powers-and-Wealth without any evident corruption - - - to avoid any evident Augmentation of Alieantive-Conflicts - - - by Preparing-to-WIN-ALL Collusive-Games-of-MUTUAL-SELF-DECEPTION. ( Just-Hope that you have all of the above clearly-in-mind-now! ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following are potential KEY-QUESTIONS about What/Who should be trusted as Key-Leaders-and-Motivators of all Long-Term SUSTAINABLE-GLOBAL-CIVILIZATIONS - - - within God's Astronomically-Tiny and Essentially-Isolated Spherical-Space-Ship EARTH - - - traveling through the Cosmic-Voids which are Unimaginably VAST-and-COLD and pervaded by Near-Speed-Of-Light Sub-Atomic Cosmic-Ray-Bullets which can easily penetrate the thin-shells of Astronauts'-Space-Ships planned for "Economical-LONG-DISTANCE-ROUND-Trips which will always INVOLVE-FOUR VERY-COSTLY MAJOR-ESSENTIAL-ACCELERATIONS within Traveling-Mortal's Life-Times of Coherent-Cooperative-Behaviors! ALIENATIVE-VICES In the following text, the word "Reflexive" points to realms-of-relationships between/among people who are involved in Alienative-Conflicts between/among their conceptions of important: desires, wants, ideals, values, principles, virtues, and grounds for hope. Such realms are outside of the realms which are the traditional foci of objective/quantiative scientists and and engineers - - - - who manipulate inanimate objects and the non-intentional- interactions between/among inanimate-objects including the elementary-constituent-particles which are found within inanimate objects. Which among the following List-of-Reflexive-Realities - - - are ALIENATIVE-VICES THAT-ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT among the Most-Universally-Reliable-and-Trust-Worthy REFLEXIVE-VIRTUES - - - that are suited TO-SERVE-LONG-TERM as TRULY-SUSTAINABLE Reflexive-Ideals in LONG-TERM Integrative-forms-of-Idealism? What additional REFLEXIVE-Realities - - - - - - - - - are also ALIENATIVE-VICES THAT-ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT among the Most-Universally-Reliable-and-Trust-Worthy REFLEXIVE-VIRTUES - - - that are suited TO-SERVE-LONG-TERM as TRULY-SUSTAINABLE Reflexive-Ideals in LONG-TERM Integrative-forms-of-Idealism? ALIENATIVE-VICES Greed? Hoarding? Violence? Coercion? Arrogance? Egocentrism? Pretentions? Dishonesty? Secrecy? Domination? Confidence? Purity? Competition? Excellence? Superiority? Enthusiasm? Loyalty? Great-Wealth? Great-Power? Influence? Efficiency? Energy? Certainty? Absolutes? Popularity? Prevelance? Loyalty? Control? Defenses? Deception? Technology? Invulnerability? Science? Authority? Scholarship? Games? Addictions? Collusions? Unilateralists? Winning? Alienation? Suspicions? Distrust? Cynicism? Skepticism? Sneering? Denigrations? Negations? Ignorance? Confusion? Polarizations? Dichotomies? Attacks? Threats? Punishments? Excommunications? Shunnings? Banishments? Exclusivity? Purifications? Segregation? Robbing? Stealing? Mobbing? Raping? Demands? Repressions? Submissions? Suppressions? Vulnerability? Vicimizations? Profitability? Stability? Traditions? Objectivity? Doctrines? Rituals? Emperors? Presidents? Proscriptions? Sexuality? Religion? Politics? Drugs? Exponential---Growth? More? Pleasures? Laws? Rules? Regulations? Orthodoxy? Commands? Conformity? Obedience? Prescriptions? CEOs Taxes? Savings? Investments? Bonds? Promises? Covenants? Constitutions? Idols? Reverence? Trust? Respect? Admiration? Administrations? Judgements? Justice? Ditributive-Justice Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception Helpful-Alieantive-Conflicts? Absolute-TRUTH? Given any List of Nominated ALIENATIVE-VICES; ask people to OBJECT-TO about 20% of the Tentative List of VICES; - - - because of explicitly-stated-assumptions-reasons-and-logic; e.g., to SHOW that the items Objected-To ARE INSTEAD - - - among the most-universally-reliable-and-trust-worthy FOCI for truly SUSTAINABLE Ideals-and-Idealism? Record the Objections and Reasons-for-Objection. Such reasons can lay foundations for later Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about differences within the participants in this process. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GRACIOUS-RECONCILING-VIRTUES Create a list of nomineers for the MOST-UNIVERSALLY-RELIABLE-AND-TRUST-WORTHY RECONCILING-VIRTUES; with which to support LONG-TERM-SUSTAINABLE Reflexive Ideals-and-Idealism! Given the above List of Nominated RECONCILING-VIRTUES; ask people to OBJECT-TO about 20% of the Tentative List of RECONSILING-VIRTUES - - - because of explicitly-stated-assumptions-reasons-and-logic. Given List Of NOMINATED-TRUSTWORTHY- VIRTUES - - - ask people to object to the inclusion in list the Nominated-Trust-Worthy-Virtues - - - of up-to 20% of the nominees in the list of Nominated-Trust-Worth-Virtues - - - - because of explicitly-stated- assumptions-reasons-and-logic; e.g., that those nominees are (because of explicitly-stated-assumptions-reasons-and-logic) qualified to be generally supported within the list of Alienative-Vices above. Such reasons can lay foundations for later Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about differences within the participants in this process. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With the above information available, two additional and potentially very helpful lists can be creatred: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPORTIVE-ALIENATIVE-VICES ~~~ That are TREATED-AS-VIRTUES Ask for nominations of "Reflexive-Realities" which are treated by many people as VIRTUES - - - but which in practice serve as supporters of ALIENATIVE-VICES; e.g., SUPPORTING: (1) Efforts to WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual- Self-Deception, (2) Addictions, (3) Codependent-Support-Networks FOR Addicts, (3) Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes, (4) Efforts to CONCENTRATE-POWERS-AND-WEALTH, (5) Efforts to Conceal-Consequent-Corruption, (6) Reconciling-Forms-of-Violence, (7) Reconciling-Forms-of-Coercion, Reconciling-Forms-of-Domination, Reconciling-Forms-of-Mobbing, Reconciling-Forms-of- Excommunications, Reconciling-Forms-of-Exclusivity; (8) Saving-People-from-Inferior-Religions, (9) Perfecting-Impure-Defective- People, (10) Unilaterally-Rescuing people from Damnation. COMPLEMENTARY-VIRTUES to-serve-with INADEQUATE-ISOLATED-INCOMPLETE-VIRTUES Ask for nominations of "Reflexive-Realities" which can serve Graciously-and-Helpfully to COMPLEMENT-VIRTUES which often mis-lead people into behaving in Tragically-Alieantive-Ways; because of Arrogant-Presumptions that the VIRTUES can-stand-alone as Utterly-Reliable and Worthy-of-Reverence and Idolotrous-Absolute-Trust. We need to be prudently-cautious about which "VIRTUES" we-trust-in-isolation - - - within "RISKY-CONTEXTS". We need to be prudently-cautious about which combinations-of-similar "VIRTUES" we-trust-within-"RISKY-CONTEXTS". We need to be prudently cautious about what-and-whom we-trust when our-environments-change around-us. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Later within the contexts of Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about the above lists; it may be helpful to engage in various forms of PRIORITY-VOTING to find which Realities have both YES/NO MAJORITY-SUPPORT and HIGH Priority-Support for being in the list of items where they are found. Having BOTH YES/NO MAJORITY-SUPPORT and HIGH Priority-Support is very significant! Be-Safely-Together In-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues Within Shalom's Gracious-Sanctuaries! Mitigating Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Click on the following link for a 2010 review of the Opera "Armida" by Rossini - - - which does a skillful job of pulling the viewer through the ambiguities and flaws of many of the traditional injunctions in the Unresolved-Alienative-Conflicts among Domineering-Bullies, True-Lovers, Gracious-Conflict-Mitigators and Mobbing-Mobsters.
The Rossini Opera "Armida" is about Our-Own-Many Un-Mitigated Love <---> Revenge Alienative-Conflicts Click on the following link for an article in Wikipedia about the Opera "Armida" by Rossini: Wikipedia article about the Opera "Armida" by Rossini.